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Happy Amber-Day!

Just a quick post to celebrate the birthday of the ever-lovely and witty minttown1! I hope you have a wonderful day, filled with things you love-- you deserve nothing less. And I will personally beat up anyone who says otherwise. ^_~

I honestly started your present early this year, but part of it is on order and the other (woefully inadequate) painting isn't done yet. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it up this weekend, maybe even before then. (There's nothing like a good slew of Criminal Minds on the DVR to supplement a marathon painting session. Of course, then I want to doodle Will and Spencer having a slumber party and wearing fuzzy feetie pajamas. X_x''') In the interim, I have a small and hopefully amusing Abigail Hobbs sketch. Because I'm still not sure who I'm more pissed off about-- Abigail, or Beverly.

In the spirit of Halloween, Miss Hobbs is haunting someone who definitely deserves it, with all the anti-cannibal horrors you and I have discussed! ^_~

Click to Enlarge

I had fun doing the fingerless gloves and her 'little-red-ridding hood cloak'. She probably got the stag's-skull corset from the same place Hannibal and Chilton buy their decor. ^_~ I added goobers-- there are few people I can think of less physically and emotionally capable of eating goobers than Hannibal Lecter. (Lex Luthor? Erik Lehnsherr? Spock?) Just regular ink pen on steno paper, but I hope it gives you a laugh.


Tags: abigail-hobbs, dc-verse, fanart, fandom, first-class, hannibal, marvel-verse, smallville, star-trek

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