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[fanart] We Don't Need Boys (To Save the World)-- Hannibal/Falling Skies Crossover

... actually, I don't need boys for much of anything myself, but they are occasionally pretty to look at (James McAvoy, Hugh Dancy) and nice to listen to (see previous, and Michael Fassbender and Mads Mikkelsen). And Sasha Roiz (Renard, Grimm) is very tall... okay, they have their uses. ^_~ But, as Margot Verger says, they are totally optional accessories in many areas of life. *snerk*

At any rate! I am obviously here to inflict my art on you again (you poor dears). Submitted for your approval: Abigail Hobbs and Jeanne Weaver are ready to kick ass and take names-- and that includes the writers who offed them to advance the lead male's character development. ^_~ Crossover with Falling Skies.

We Don't Need Boys To Save the World
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I originally started this in honor of Amber's birthday, but I didn't finish it in time. ^^; Never the less, it was definitely inspired by our mutual frustration at the loss of two such amazing female characters. Yes, I understand Abigail dying... the show is called 'Hannibal', after all. But the loss of Jeanne was just lame.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Watercolor pencil, gouache paint, chalk ink and india ink on pastel paper. Note to self, do not attempt gouache on pastel paper. X_X''

... this would be kind of a hot femslash pairing, too. ;-)
Tags: abigail-hobbs, aliens, art-post, falling-skies, fanart, feminism, femslash, hannibal

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