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Hannibal 3x02: "I count / the empty bottles upon the bar"

Alright. More than a little behind on my recaps due to a project at work. I'm excited to be doing well (provisionally, don't want to jinx ourselves) and making a little more, but it comes with the side effect of sometimes carrying projects over into the evening. I've been working on an SQL procedure to help track stock and cut down on parts theft but at some point I apparently offended someone, because now an entire department isn't talking to me. (When I fail at human interaction, I fail LIKE A BOSS.)

So, that's the RL stress that has kept me relatively away from recapping, though I've been watching faithfully (and with many breathless screams). Let's talk about some other, far more interesting people who fail at human social interaction!

Last time, on Hannibal: Will is never, ever going to have a good day again. EVER. The writers are allergic to the 'Will Graham Has A Nice Day" tag on AO3. That is all.

[+] We open again in the Norman Chapel. I hesitate to call the filming 'blue lens', because it really achieves this otherworldly juniper color. It's as if that hospital-green has followed Will out and made it a part of his world. *shudder*

[+] ABIGAIL!!! Because Fuller is a (n extremely talented) dick, I had my doubts as to Abigail's status in reality, but I was also hoping against hope that she didn't come back at the end of season two only to be killed again. Natch. Never the less, Kacey Rohl is as gorgeous and emotive as always, and I jumped up and down when I saw her. Someone needs to write an AU where Hannibal really did take care to only cut and not kill-- like now.

[+] And she says, so softly, "We wouldn't leave without you…" This is the promise of family Hannibal was dangling in front of Will all through season one, and doubtless what he intended to tempt him with before the dinner party was crashed. Will obviously fears and/or knows that he would have taken the bait-- especially considering the number of lengthy metaphysical rambles and wistful descriptions of 'other universes'.

[+] The flash back to Will's stabbing is… I'm sorry, it's just homoerotic, is all. Leaving aside the obvious phallic symbolism, I was fascinated by Hannibal's hands throughout the entire scene. He embraces Will even as he's inflicting the wound-- if you didn't know what happened moments before, it almost looks like the embrace of a soldier returning from war. He touches Will's cheek, paradoxically steadies him. There is just a lot of unnecessary touching going on, especially for a crime motivated by rage.

[+] Flashback montage continues, showing Hannibal's discussion of his memory palace (I'm glad that made its way into the show!), and his teacup metaphor. I think a great deal of Hannibal's anger and betray stems from the fact Will actually is the dark magic he was looking for-- the element that would reverse time.
And when I heard 'a place was made for Abigail in your world', my suspicions cemented. Fuller, you are a fucking tease.

[+]So Lecter saved Abigail because he knew Will 'had a place for her'. What he giveth, he taketh away, AND Hannibal says, "I wanted to surprise you". In certain contexts, it really does sound like someone's disappointment in a lover's reaction to some elaborate surprise. He's really being petulant, which Bedelia keeps trying to call him on.

[+]On a far less serious note, every time I hear Hannibal's metaphor about shattered cups reforming, I have the inappropriate desire to sing 'I'm a Little Teacup'. (Animaniacs moment: "I'm a little teacup, short and stout, here is my handle-- and here is a note from my therapist! He says I'm getting much better. Last week, I thought I was a toaster.")

[+] Also, all Will's talk of alternate universes makes me think he's been reading a leetle too much fan fiction on AO3. Let's hope he at least read The Crystal Ship series. If you read nothing else in the fandom, read that.

[+] I love the new solemnity and grace in every motion and line Abigail has. Even knowing the reason for it, it's some damn good acting on Rohl's part. Also loving her wardrobe-- the pine green, rust and cranberry that sets off her hair. I will echo Amber and say it's so much better now Alana's not dressing her.

[+]I'm finding this episode much more disorienting than the last one. Who needs crack when you can just spend an hour with Will Graham? ^_~

[+] Will says that, to Hannibal, "Elegance is more important than suffering". That's because Hannibal thinks he's an artist, and pain is his medium.
Unfortunately, the stark truth of real life is that most evil is moronic and vapid-- perpetrated to feed ego(s) and advance agendas. We can't suffer 'elegantly' because the hand of G-d is rarely behind us--- the real atrocities are usually all on us.
Sorry, I digress. But this reminds me of Jack's "Evil Minds" museum in the first season, and people who want to ride into battle and confront evil with a capital 'E'. Also, I've been rereading Salem's Lot. Father Callahan/Stephen King says it so much better than I can.

And Abigail, in a knowing voice, asks, "Are you talking about G-d, or Hannibal?"

[+] We get a shot of Hannibal drawing again. I find it interesting that we've one seen him draw in lead mediums-- black and white. I wonder if it isn't a bit like mechanical rendering for him, a way of getting his hands inside something.

[+] Human being warped into a bloody heart? Dudes, what can one even say to that. It's just too easy. ;-)

[+]Oh, but you want to know what isn't easy? Looking at that damn headless stag-spawn as it lurches from the body-cocoon. I've heard others in fandom call it the Broken Hart, which is pretty cute, but at the time I was just cringing. That's an epic level of body horror I haven't had since the bee-lobotomies in season one. X_x Kudos to the artists and animators-- it is genuinely geometrically disturbing.

Makes me kinda miss the swiggity-swag Stag.

[+]WILL: [dryly] G-d only knows where I'd be without [Hannibal]."
… probably in Wolf Trap with your dogs, sipping whiskey and enjoying relative sanity, darling.

[+] As the illusion of Abigail falls apart, it becomes pretty clear that Will is looking for a way into one of the "other worlds" he's mentioned. He's not going to succeed, but I really hope we see Abigail again. *crosses fingers*

[+]And we end the episode by juxtaposing surgery and with autopsy. If you haven't had enough body horror, CannibalsInc would like to remind you that any medical procedure is really a dress rehearsal for death.

… who nominated Will as morale officer, again?


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