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13 July 2015 @ 06:52 pm
[fic] For Lo! My Own Shall Come To Me 4/? (Hannibal/Will; Mature)  

For Lo! My Own Shall Come To Me
by Meredith Bronwen Mallory
Rating: Mature Audiences Only
Fandom/PairingHannibal (2013), Hannibal/Will
Warnings: Every warning that could ever possibly be conceived in connection with Hannibal Lecter? Disturbing images, religious references, implied cannibalism, implied incest, youthful sexuality. Unhealthy character traits. And a fluffy mongoose. ^_^
Summary: Based on this prompt from the hannibalkink meme. Basically: “Hannibal/Will. Soulmates. Your ‘soulmate’ is always perfect, able to understand you, and provide for your needs. Will’s empathy is to ensure that he can see Hannibal’s perspective.”
If there is some cosmic order, a weaver at the loom of fate, there is absolutely no guarantee the master pattern is a safe or rational one. It can, however, be beautifully outré.

Will was born to see the design.

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***NEW***Chapter Four


Emotional Temperature: thoughtfulthoughtful
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