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[fic] Kingdoms of Misrule [1/?- Tony/Steve(s), MCU)]

Kingdoms of Misrule 1/? [Tony/Steve(s), Mature]
by Meredith Bronwen Mallory (garnettrees)
Rating: Mature
Trigger Warnings: Mentions of past drug use, Howard's less-than-stellar parenting, mentions of underage sexuality (they did let Tony loose at MIT), irresponsible use of alcohol, non-graphic captivity/torture, PTSD, philosophical/Lovecraftian horror.
Additional Warnings/Enticements: Tony-whump, pre-Civil War AU, lots of Steve(s), super-sekrit art club, lots of comfort to wash down the hurt.

Summary: How was Steve to know the hot terror that roiled in Stark's astral gut at the sight of his prone form, cold and broken in the vision Wanda had contrived? There are feelings there-- though they go willfully unrecognized. It happens. Another nuisance of organic chemistry, these… by-products. Every now and then they get so strong as to become variables Stark must actually factor for, but he'll be damned before he hangs a specific label on them.

Strung up and soaking like salted meat in an abattoir, Tony buries his face as best he can against his aching arm and calculates the odds of external aid.

Having distanced himself from the Avengers in the aftermath of Ultron, Tony finds himself abducted and held by unknown agencies. Wishing he were more certain the Avengers will look for him, he waits for an opportunity to make his own break.

When they do come for him, there are two things of which Tony is unaware. One, he's a lot further from home than he ever imagined; and two, his complicated relationship with Steve Rogers is something of a cosmic constant.

Chapter 1/? @ AO3


Tags: fanfiction, marvel-verse, slash, steve/tony

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