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I Guess Freedom is Selective, These Days

The ban on gay marriage just passed in Kentucky. 75% of voters opted to violate the civil and human rights of people they they don't even know, people who have never done anything wrong. I wish I had something to say. I feel physically ill.

Actually I do have something to say. Something that I wish all these religious right nuts could wrap their tiny minds around. There's this thing in America-- it's called separation of church and state. That means you can not impose your religious 'ethics' (and boy, do I use this term loosely) on the law. If you god says that homosexuality is wrong, the law doesn't give a rip. It doesn't matter how much you quote the misogynist Paul, or the archaic laws of Deuteronomy and Numbers. That's not the deciding factor in the law. As long as we are not hurting anyone, then we are free to do as we will.

Also, any god that would punish people for being who they are is not god. Your warped, angry, vengeful parody of the divine belongs in the hell you so relish envisioning for others. You're making that hell here, on Earth, for us.

Thanks a whole fucking bunch.

This isn't over-- there will be fights to repeal this law and, if there is any integrity at all left in the Supreme Court, they will judge it unconstitutional. However, the fact that it made it on the books at all is sickening and sad.

To end, I will simply quote Mr. David Lister of the Red Dwarf. "I know what all the aliens say. They say, 'don't go near Earth, it's got humans on it."

That about says it all right now.

ETA: This motion passed in eleven states total-- Ohio being one of them. I guess I should wear a sign about my neck that says 'ask me why I'm a second class citizen'. *holds pieces of her heart*
Tags: gay-rights, politics, red-dwarf, religion, yes-meredith-is-a-dyke

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