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29 November 2004 @ 09:40 pm
Werewolves, Ex-convicts, and Slash-- Oh My!  
You know what? There are a lot of problems with PoA-- gross inconsistencies with the book, shoddy editing-- but I'm willing to excuse that because, damnit, Sirius/Remus forever. Oh yeah. The slash in that movie is ridiculous, and it confirms my long-held theory that Sirius, not Remus, is the usual bottom. *teehee* ^_~

In case you hadn't guessed, I just saw Prisoner of Azkaban. I actually bought my copy yesterday, but my brother asked me to wait, so I could watch it with him and the girls tonight. It was his first time seeing the movie; he was sick in June, and I ended up taking the girls to see it in the theaters. (They were convinced they'd just DIE if they didn't see it right away. ^_^;;; I was of the same opinion, hence my tickets for opening day. ^^) Even Sam saw the slash-- he eyed me as I giggled on the couch, but I didn't say a word. It was Justine who chorused Snape's line of "like an old married couple!". Those girls are sharp, they are indeed.

*stretches* This is actually the last week of school before exams. UC is on a wonky quarter schedule, so we have an absurdly long Christmas break, and virtually nothing for Thanksgiving and Spring. Oh well.

In other news, I ran by Barnes and Nobles today and picked up the following:
Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood
Tales of the Lovecraft Mythos edited by Robert Price
The Virgin Suicides by Jerome something-or-other (the book is upstairs and I'm too lazy to run and get it.

Oh! And when I went for my allergy shots today, the poster in the waiting room was of a gray wolf, with the subtitle canis lupis. I was so amused. (A little too easy a task, I expect.)

New layout, because I'm physically incapable of letting things be. ^^;;;

Sleep well, ladies,
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The Band Plays:: "Daitan Ikimashou"-- by Nami Tamaki
Meredith Bronwen Mallorygarnettrees on November 30th, 2004 05:13 am (UTC)
"Sirius must take a bath, and then we shall make wild love to one another."
"Damn it, Remus, these kids are only thirteen."
Amber: sirius/remus (raelala).minttown1 on November 30th, 2004 05:39 am (UTC)
And poor Snape is just so tired of it, because when the Gryffindors and SLytherins would be hiding in one another's common rooms to pull of pranks and heists, these two could never keep their hands off of each other, and once during a stake-out, Remus and Sirius had sex right there on the Slytherin's green couch! Lucius was pissed when Snape refused to do anything there for a year afterward. *so doesn't even ship Lucius/Snape but needs something totally absurd to say*
Meredith Bronwen Mallory: lovesecretgarnettrees on November 30th, 2004 06:15 am (UTC)
Ohhhh... SlytherineGreenCouch!Sex.

so doesn't even ship Lucius/Snape
Good, 'cause that's just icky.

There's a line from this song that reminds me of Lucis-- "lookin' good seems to be his career". He's so vain, and yes, the song IS about him. ^_^