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Clearly, I'm doomed. So doomed.

My little brother is clearly in league with Amber, Raven, Ra and Miyeko. We were talking on the phone today, and I off-handedly mentioned the latest slash pairing I'd been reading. (Sam knows I'm a slasher, and even concedes to Jack/Daniel and Sirius/Remus, though any other pairing scares the crap out of him. ^___^)
"_You're_ going to watch Buffy?" he asked, clearly dubious.
"No," I caroled, "my friends tried, but I couldn't figure out what channel it's on. I'm safe!"
"For now," he cautioned, "they always have the dvds at Blockbuster."
"Bite your tongue."

But clearly he is not content to torture me only slightly! No, tonight, I received the following email from him:
Just got the new Cable Guide for the month. Buffy shows on FX, Mon-Fri 7-9 AM and 1-3 PM.

I'm sticking out my tongue at you right now. Have fun with your gay vampires.


Oh, when I get my hands on him.... >___< So dead, he is.
who did NOT set the new VCR to tape, no she did not
Tags: buffy, fandom, slash, spander

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