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Fandom Babble (SG-1, Atlantis, Buffy)

Just finished watching SG-1 and Atlantis. Now I must ramble like the fangirl I am. ^_^

SG-1- Is it just me, or is someone trying to kill this show? The quality has gone down hill so fast it's practically a vertical drop. *disgusted* We had, what, five seconds of Daniel total? Then there's all the forced UST between Carter and her commanding officer. (How do you spell 'conflict of interest'?) I don't care what Teal'c and Jack said at the end of the ep-- it was all Sam's fault. 'Cause any more she's just an overwrought bitch. And there were two of her. *kicks writers*
I miss Daniel.
Also, poor Teal'c. His entire presence in this episode is summed up as, 'here I am holding a gun that turns out to be useless. and I have hair now. woo.' *sigh*

Atlantis- Not crazy about the plot, but-- so much Carson Beckett, I am giddy with joy! I love Dr. Beckett. I want to take him home, and feed him cookies, and make him talk to me in his pretty accent. He's just so cute. Ford is going to get his ass kicked, though, as he was being a brat _and_ being mean to Carson. No one messes with my pretty Scottish doctor! I also like Sheppard, because he foiled the plans of the Ja'nai (sp?) with such cheer and ease. Is it just me, or are the writers trying to get us to believe that Sheppard has a thing for Weir? *is suspicious* Oh well, I remain a devoted fan of Beckett/McKay. They had that little exchange of each other's names at the end. *happiness*

Buffy- I am severely annoyed. Spike is an awesome, kick-ass, attitude-ridden Master Vampire with abandonment issues and the ability to love deeply. He is not a stupid horndog who pants after Buffy. I want my Spike back!

I have every intention of watching the new Battlestar tomorrow... *loves Boomer* Yes, I am a fandom geek. Why did you ask?


ETA: Looking at the above, I realize it sounds like I don't support any het pairings at all. I just wanted to state that I'm not completely anti-het. I like Padme/Anakin, Ron/Hermoine, and I even have a sneaking likeness for... *is embarrassed* Buffy/Angel. However, I hate it when writers try to force two totally incompatible characters together, compromise them, and call it 'romance'. *snorts* Besides, I like my sci fi without the soap-opera, generally. That's what fanfiction is for. ^_^
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