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*dances to the imperial march*

Guess who has tickets for the 1:30pm showing of Star Wars: Episode III on opening day?
If you guessed one Meredith Bronwen Mallory, then-- yup, that's for damn sure! *does a little dance* Whooo hooo! Sam, the girls* and I are all set and scheduled for viewing. We're even going to the Springdale theater-- stadium seating, huge theater... ^___^

Now all I have to do is put up with the wait. *whimper*

*still dancing*

*Yes, I realize opening day falls on a Thursday, and that 1:30pm is during school time. But damn it, these girls have missed less than three days all said, and we think school should be canceled then, anyway. ^_~ Thou shalt keep the opening day of SW holy, baby. ^^;; So Sam and I are bad role models. X_x
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