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"Do They Still Have Tacos on Earth?"

I was getting a little bored with Angel towards the middle of season two, but now "Plz Grb" and season three have me definitely back on board, so...

A Fun Angel: The Series Survey
Did you follow Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer?Yes. The Very Evil Raven roped me into it with promises of more Spike. *has terrible weakness for Spike*
What did you think of Doyle?*sniffles* The poor little green procupine! Wahh. I loved Doyle.
Was Wesley a good replace for Doyle?Erm... they're like apples and oranges.
Who do you ship from the show?Angel/Doyle (yeah, I'm nuts); Fred/Wes (a little), same for Wes/Illyria.
Who do you refuse to ship from the show?Connor/Cordy. How many ways can you say 'ew'?
Which season was your favorite? Why?Season Five. One word: SPIKE!
Which characters from Buffy did you want to see as regulars on Angel?Xander! I love Xander... more Oz woulda been cool, too.
Faith: Like her? Loathe her? Don't care about her?I like Faith better than Buffy. *nod, nod*
What did you think of Fred and Gunn's relationship?Haven't seen it yet, so no comment.
Did you want to see more of Darla?In conjunction with Dru, yes.
Which season Wesley is your favorite?Late Season Two, Early Season Three
Which was better, Spin The Bottle or Smile Time?Haven't seen StB, but... puppet Angel? Killed me dead.
Did you cry when Cordy, Fred and Wesley died?I sniffled for Wes, cried a smidge for Cordy and Fred.
Was Angel out of line by erasing his friend's memories when it came to Connor?Yeah, baby.
Did you like street!Gunn or lawyer!Gunn better?Street!Gunn. I have a friend who's a dead ringer for Gunn circa Season Three
Are you one of those creeps who believe Fred and Lindsey were twins, seperated at birth?Umm... no way.
Who was better, Angel or Spike?Spike! Spike could kick Angel's ass any day of the week. *loves Spike*
Who do you think survived the alley?Haven't seen this part, sooo....
What happened to Justine? Is she still handcuffed by the docks?!Who?
Do you think Dru and Darla had sexual relations?Oh, baby, yeah! *giggles* Although, Dru was probably being drowned in the bathtub or talking to the stars at the time.
Who did Angel belong with, Buffy or Cordy?Doyle! *unrepentant slasher*
Favorite overall episode?So far? The "There's No Place Like Plz Grb" arch.
Do you think Joss needs to create a new series based on characters from Angel and Buffy?Spike, Spike, Spike...
Do think Wesley deserved forgiveness for kidnapping Connor?Haven't seen this yet.
Were Lilah and Wesley in love?I doubt Lilah _can_ love
Did you write hate mail to the WB when they cancelled the series? And, did you send hate mail to Joss when he killed Fred off?I wasn't watching then.
Spike called Wesley Percy a lot. Do you think Spike read Harry Potter?He so did! Dawn got him started on it. He's such a Slytherine.
Are you glad this is over and done with?*shrugs*


A Spike fixation? Who, ME? *halo* ^_~;;
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