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And she babbles...

Whew. I think I'm finally over the hump, in terms of the cluster of assignments all due at the same time. Sometimes I wonder if the Professors plan this or something-- it's way too suspicious! ^_~

I slept practically all of Saturday, trying to recharge my batteries. It's amazing how tired loosing one of my days off made me, but it was for a worthy cause. I've talked with Ms. Takamoto (Miyako and Hideki's mom), and we'll be starting tutoring on June 7th, for an hour and a half each week. I'm actually going to be tutoring Miyako, Hideki and Ms. Takamoto. X_x I have supplies for teaching the kids English-- Tyrone gave me some old Phonics books, and a copy of the primers they use in first and third grade-- but I'm going to have to find some adult material for teaching Ms. Takamoto. The downtown library has a pretty good English-As-A-Second-Language section, so I may look there. I'm actually really looking forward to this.

Star Wars is on Thursday (Thursday! *supersonic squee*), so Sam and I are going up to Springdale to pick on the tickets on Monday. I'll feel even more 'squee!' when I have them in my hot little hands. I just can't wait to see this film. At the same time, it's hard to believe the saga will be over. I grew up with Star Wars, and I'm one of those people who actually likes the Prequels. I can't help it-- Padme Amidala is, in my humble opinion, one of the most awesome female characters in film. Don't disappoint me, Uncle George!

Finally, some random observations, facts, whatever:
1. Did anyone see 'Alien Planet' on the Discovery Channel last night? It was kind of a what-if thing like 'The Future is Wild'-- ie, what scientists think we might find if we were to send a probe to another planet. Unlike straight-up sci fi, there was no real plot, just a lot of theories, but some of the animals were really cool. I liked the Sea Stalker-- I want to take one home and pet him and call him Harold! ^_~;;;

2. Apparently, Japan and Russia are still at war. They never signed a peace treaty at the end of WW2, which is playing hell with their current dispute over island territory (which was what we were talking about in Asian Geography). Dudes. Well, they're not the only ones still fighting World War II, but still... X_x

3. Speaking of Japan, in the 1890s, they were having trouble with sailors that would get shipwrecked on Taiwan. Guess what the native population did to them? Guess!
That's right, cannibalism. So the Ching dynasty said to Japan, "You can have Taiwan, 'cause we don't want to deal with it." Silly cannibals.

4. Diary of a Mad Man is also about cannibalism. Just thought I'd mention that-- theme, and all. ^^;;;

5. On a fannish note: Angel and Baby!Connor? Too frak'n cute. I normally don't even like Angel, and I have mixed feelings about Connor (because all I saw of him was the end of Season Four)... but, dang, they're cute.

6. Also AtS: Someone should write Fred/Lorne. Yes, it's het, but... it would so work! *seems to have caught Amber's wild pairing disease ^_~* Lorne was so broken up when Fred died, talking about how accepting she was of him, and he's always sweet to her... Fred herself is smart enough to look past the surface, and she spent all that time on Pylia, which they both hate passionately.... See?

7. I'm going through Spike with drawl. *will have to get out her Buffy tapes*

8. The Regulators by Richard Bachman (aka Stephen King) is a weird book. But it's set in Ohio, so at least he recognizes the fact that Ohio is a nuclear generator for weird things that lurk bellow the surface of the sheer boredom.

9. Stephen King killed his pen name. Freudian much? X_x

10. Oh! And I watched a documentary on the Bermuda Triangle yesterday. I *heart* the Bermuda Triangle. ^__^ Aliens, Time-Warps and Ghosts, oh my!

Much love,
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