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Revenge of the Sith...

Just saw ROTS.

Oh. My. God.

Oh my god! Just... ohmygodohmygod.

What a ride. It didn't let up-- one terrible revelations after another, one more twist of the knife until...
Geeze, George. Cut up my heart and serve it to me on a plate, why don't you!?

And Padme.. *sniffles* And then Vader... and THEN... oh my god.

I'm incoherent. I'm in awe. I have about a bizillion story ideas.

I... have a paper due tomorrow. How am I supposed to write about the Chinese communists after this?

Anakin was crazy-- no necessarily evil (though he did evil things), but really, really crazy. And he STILL loved Padme.

*sniffles* Oh my god.
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