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How stupid is this?

Alright, so I just got an email from FanFiction.Net. Apparently, they removed my story, Empty of Tomorrow (S/X, Buffy Fandom, with no actual sex) because my summary had the word 'shit' in it.

The summary reads as this: "Running from the very things he wants, Xander discovers that the truths about the world really do depend primarily on your point of view, and that love-- like shit-- just happens. [XS]"

Hello, have they ever heard the phrase 'shit happens'? That's what I was referring to. Ever since they decided to ban NC-17 fics, FF.Net has been on this cleanliness crusade that I find to be quite annoying and stupid. (I also find it amusing, considering the sort of reputation they used to have--talk about extremes! They're not even thinking. How about, instead of removing the story, and all the reviews, they ask you to edit the part they're upset about? Concept! The stupidity hurts my brain.

I posted that months ago, before they started making you reread the bloody rules every day. *pft* Didn't even cross my mind when I read the new rules, because it's a common phrase. I had a clean record before this, and they're limiting my ability to post?

Also, apparently because of my 'infraction', I won't be able to post for a while. They make it sound like I defaced a monument or something. X_x

Hey, FF.N? Shit, Shit, Shit, Shit, Shit.
Also, I have some suggestions as to where you can shove your freak'n infraction.

Who, clearly, was already in a bad mood.
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