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In the Grand American Tradition....

Warning: This entry is bitchy and may not exactly be in the holiday spirit. If you have an actually nice and enjoyable family, feel free to skip this and savor your good fortune. For those of you in my position, feel free to commiserate. Or just ignore me all together.

Mom leaves for the Dominican Republic tomorrow, so it was decided that Sam would host a 4th of July Bash for the whole family, far and wide.

Someone shoot me now.

Top Ten Reasons Why Family Gatherings Suck Rocks:
1. Being lumped in with 'the womenfolk', doing menial tasks while the guys sit on their asses.
2. Not having anyone to talk to, or listening to someone talk about family problems you really, really didn't want to know about.
3. Being pretty much ignored when not asked to 'Be a dear and get...'
4. Listening to the men talk about Ford.
5. Listening to certain relatives talk about anything, really.
6. Being asked to get out of the way when trying to stand around (in the corner!) and at least give the impression of trying to be social.
7. Being accused of being antisocial if you DO get out of the way.
8. That awful, sinking feeling in the bit of your stomach.
9. How cold the food is when certain family members finally get around to arriving.
10. Getting looks that clearly say 'Keep your mouth shut' when other people start in on their (clearly bigoted) opinions.

And damn, my Mom made me promise to keep the body count down. ^_~
who should probably be grateful she wasn't asked to host.
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