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So what is Meredith doing at two in the morning, when she should be curled up in bed?
Having soup and writing in her livejournal, o' course. ^__^;;

I've just been really "blah" lately. Swinging back and forth between lazy "blah" and irate frustration actually, because I can not seem write. It's driving me bonkers. All I've seemed to do this summer is watch incredibly *bad* horror movies, tutor, read fanfiction (and the occasional Lovecraft piece) and sew like there's not tomorrow. I've sewn more little doll's dresses in the past while:
#Begin Shameless Posting of Images#
Exhibit A (Zhora)
Exhibits B&C (Zhora & Zoe)
Exhibit D (Zhora)
Exhibit E (Zoe)
Exhibit F (Brigid)
Exhibit G (Autumn Zillah)
#End Shameless Posting of Images#

I need to actually write something. A bit of "Faces in the Passageway". Some more of "Widow Skywalker" or "One Familiar Face". Even more of something as recent as my S/X stuff. Anything. *sigh*

The Half Blood Prince only served to make me more blah. And the horror films-- some of them were downright ridiculous! This one, The Shunned House, so thoroughly butchered Lovecraft that my only consolation is that the perpetrators of this heinous crime will no doubt end up being carried off by the forces of darkness and sacrificed to Cthulhu, who will feast on their souls for all unforgiving eternity. ^^;;;
Not that I have an opinion, or anything.

Grandparents' big 60th wedding anniversary coming up. Will be expected to show face, smile, nod, endure evil relatives. Have decided to send big card and just hibernate with with Amber in some big, internet-ready cave near Mt. Fuji. Others welcome to join.

That is all. ^_~
Tags: harry-potter, lovecraft, sewing

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