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"We're too pretty to die"-- Meredith and Firefly

So, Meredith watched her first episode of Firefly last night. After being roped into BtVS and Ats by certain evil people who will not be named (you know who you are!) this last bit of the Jossverse was inevitable.

Firefly 1.01: "We won't die 'cause we're too pretty" *snerk*

Is it just me, or did Joss pick half the cast from ex-villains on BtVS and Angel? I know Zoe is the same lady who played Jasmine, and if Malcolm's actor isn't the guy who did satanic!preacher!Caleb, then he sure looks like him. It made viewing a little weird for the first few minutes, but all the characters grew on me faster than I expected. It shouldn't surprise me, though, because if there's one thing Joss always has, it's awesome characters. Spike, Xander, Dru, Tara and Fred remain my all time favorites in his universe, but Firefly has some great players, too.

Firefly is a space-western, which might have turned me off in the past but, after reading Stephen King's The Dark Tower series (which is like a bizarre fantasy/horror/western threesome), I'm willing to hold out. Especially because...

Malcolm- despite looking like Caleb (who too Xander's eye! *sob*), and being something of an asswipe, turned out to be pretty cool. He's like the older brother who expresses all his affection through halfhearted insults and wedgies. He also seems to be something of a disappointed idealist. It's pretty obvious his crew is his family, and I like that. Also loved how his only reaction to naked!River was 'huh'.

Zoe- is a really tough chick. I like that. She also looks awesome in her tight cowboy pants and boots. *glassy eyes* Um. Like the brother/sister banter between her and Malcolm. I think she and Wash are cute, too.

Wash- It's Xander-in-SPACE! One of the things I love about Joss is that sometimes he gives us these 'wtf' moments where you can see his characters as people with idiosyncrasies and depth. Silly depth, granted, but depth. Wash and his dinosaurs are a perfect example of this, and I loved it to death. 'Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!' I like Wash-- he's smart, and kinda clueless, and it's obvious he adores Zoe.

Kaylee- She had me from "I love my captain! *smooch*". Perky and perceptive, not to mention cute as hell. I think she and the "Ambassador" have a Thing, if you know what I mean. She's like everyone's kid sister. It's adorable.

No one else really made an impression on me, save River, who I've seen a lot in both the previews for the show and the new movie. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her, as she looks really cool. Not entirely sure where Firefly is going, but I can safely say I'll tune in again. The only shame is that, save for Kaylee/'Ambassador', I don't really see any slash potential yet. *pout*
Yes, I'm an addict. What makes you ask?

Ja ne,
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