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Heat, Tutoring, and Irish Demons

Despite the fact she's supposed to be making lesson plans for a tutoring session that will occur in less than nine hours, Meredith has spent the last 45 minutes fiddling with her LJ. Naughty Meredith-- *dru voice* she shan't have any cake! */end dru voice*

I'm an inherent procrastinator, obviously. Blah.

Tomorrow will be my last tutoring session with the Takamotos. I've put ads up at the Asian market, but haven't received calls about any other jobs. I also need to finish reading my driver's ed packet and take the exam. *does not like cars, especially when she has to be behind the wheel*

It's been insanely hot here and, from what I've heard, all over the nation. I went over to Sam's house yesterday, only to find Samantha, Justine and Genevieve in their basement, wearing bathing suits and stretched out on the cold concrete floor with pillows and old comforters. Sam and I found this to be an ingenious solution, so we came down and played board games with the girls until it cooled off a little.

I'm still incredibly frustrated with my muse-- not a phrase, or even a word, in sight. Bleck.

Oyasumi nasai,

Ps. Does anyone know of a good place for Angel/Doyle fanfiction? *looks sheepish* I <3 Doyle, and I can actually stand Angel when he's in conjunction with our Irish half-demon friend.
Tags: angel-the-series, slash

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