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Firefly 1.02-- "I don't wish to alarm anyone..." (+BSG)

It's pretty much been parade of slow, lazy summer days this past week. I did my last tutoring session with the Takamotos-- we pretty much did a little review and played games, and the kids hugged me goodbye, which was sweet. I'm still incredibly frustrated with my muse, who won't let me write despite the fact she's brought me several bunnies, including a BtVS/Firefly crossover with Spander. X_x

Grandparents' anniversary is on the 3rd, so we'll probably be driving up on Monday. I'm looking forward to seeing them, actually, but not to seeing my extended family. Pooh. My *cough cough* 29th*cough, cough, wink, cough* will be on the 8th... summer break is half over. Where did it go?

I don't know. But one thing I do know is this: I <3 Wash.

Firefly 1.02: 'I don't want to alarm anyone, but I think we're being followed."
+Wash is adorable. Not as adorable as Xander, but still very attractive in the 'ohh! look at the fluffy puppy in the box!' sort of way. I loved his lines when they were being chased by the Rapers, and I *loved* the look on his face when Zoe bluntly told Mal they were off to have sex. Zoe is kind of like a cross between the best parts of Anya and Faith. Tough chick, that, and I think the only thing her wedding vows come second to is covering Malcolm's back. X_x;;;
+That whole "Kaylee is dead?" thing? That was MEAN. Mal had me worried!
+Still not seeing much of River, but I like what I have seen. Both Kaylee and Inara have been really sweet to her.
+Speaking of Kaylee and Inara? 'She's very dear to us'-- I think Leigh's assertion that I must write Kaylee/Inara might just come to pass. ^^
+Did not like the whole vibe between Malcolm and Inara. Just creeped me out, for some reason.
+*darth vader voice* Shepherd Book is far too trusting.*/darth vader voice*
+I don't like Jayne. I just don't. Am lukewarm on Simon. Am disturbed by the fact that the majority of Firefly slash I've found has BEEN Jayne/Simon.
+One thing I do like about Simon is his protectiveness of his sister. So cute.
+Malcolm is a disappointed, bitter idealist. Just an observation.
+Doesn't the Serenity trailer look awesome?

This Week's Battlestar
+I am slightly torn on this show-- on one hand, I hate the idea of the military taking the power out of the hands of the people. On the other, I dislike Rosalind being both a political and religious leader. She can be one, or the other, but not both.
+Adama needs to get his ass in gear before Tigh screws the whole fleet over. Also, Tigh, sweetie-- staring at photos of your CO whilst drinking is not at all subtle. Leigh! Save me from the creepyoldmen!slash.
+Ellen Tigh is an absolute bitch. I hope she's a Cylon.
+Wow, Number Six actually wore clothing for the funeral of the fallen soldiers. I'm all shocked and amazed, here.
+I really, really like Kali. Also the Chief. Not as a couple, just as two really neat characters.
+Billy is such a good guy.... I feel kinda sorry for him.
+I'm going through Sharon withdrawal! *pounds on table* Sharon! Sharon! Sharon!

I've totally lost all interest in SG-1. I only watched this episode for the Jack and Daniel interaction, but really, the show has been going downhill since late season four. Now it just... sucks. It's depressing, how the close friendship between Jack and Daniel has been destroyed, and how Sammy-kins character has been dragged through the mud. *le sigh*
Tags: battlestar, buffy, femslash, firefly, spander, stargate

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