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Fandom Pairing Hell...

Recently, Amber mentioned that she thinks she's going to hell for her fandom pairings. Honey-- I think I'm in the same basket. I was re-watching the two Firefly episodes that have aired on Sci Fi, and I think I saw....

*sigh* It's the hot, southerly place for me, I suppose. Not like that's anything new. I've always been into certain unconventional pairings. Spander (btvs), Snarry* (Harry Potter), Demando/Usagi (Sailor Moon... way Back In The Day), Padme/Vader...

Still, I think it was all the soulful gazing at Simon on Mal's part while offering him a position as ship's doctor. That and the constant, only-half-carried-out threats of violence. In the Joss-verse, that's like second base. ^_~


*actually, if I'm going to hell for any of these, it's probably this one. ^^;
Tags: fandom, firefly, harry-potter, slash, star-wars

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