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Clairvoyant girls, alien black-outs and fun with cylons.

The 4400, 2.09: 'Hidden'
Everyone must now bow down to minttown1, because she called it eons before it happened-- Diana/Marco. Dudes, Amber, you're clairvoyant-- or at least a very, very good guesser. *pats Amber's twelve-year-old inner fangirl on the back* That hug in the garage may have been even cuter than Marco forging government documents for her. (though not by much, both instances are illegally cute. *bounce*) This pairing gets an extra 'yay' because it is not Diana/Tom, which would be wrong and against the regs. Meredith is even more sore than usual on this point because she went to see Stealth today, and had to deal with writers who obviously can not grasp the importance of the anti-fraternization rules. *huffs* 90% of women would not fall in love with their partners/commanding officers-- our professional lives are much more important than a roll in the hay. (See reason #2 on Meredith's 'Top Ten Reasons Why I Stopped Watching Stargate')

Whew. Not that I have an opinion on that, or anything. ^_~ Aside from the Marco/Diana, this episode was pretty much one of those 'keep the ball rolling' sort of things. We didn't have a 4400 of the week, though Kyle's angst spasms more than made up for it. I still can't stand Ilana, but that's just me. I'm not at all surprised that Tom is letting someone else take the rap for Kyle, or that he's covering things up-- he's Tom. Incidentally, the actor who plays Tom also played Commander Owen on Taken. Owen was a first-class asshole, and I spent the majority of his screen time yelling at him, so it took me a while to get used to the actor playing a 'good' guy. The Maia and Diana scenes in this episode were very good, too-- next week's ep looks like it's going to put us through the wringer. X_X;; I love, love, LOVE the preview clip where Diana swears to protect her little girl. Big 'yay' for the adopted family love. <3

Also, the scene with Shawn, Danny and the Secret Agents at the end at once cracked me up and made me sad, 'cause that seriously is Shawn's life now. Oh, and I've always hated that red-headed chick.

My Livejournal garbled my last entry on BSG, so I'm including it here at the end...

*spoilers ahead: proceed with caution*

Well, my misgivings about last night's BSG were apparently unfounded because, despite the fact Tigh is still an incompetent asshole, the show was frak'n awesome. It killed me dead, it did. I'm so glad that the fleet didn't take martial law sitting down. I've been pissed off at Adama ever since he decided the military should be in charge of things (though I'm still not too happy that the writers have Rosalin as a political and religious figure), but I can't tell you how happy I was to see the Old Man hobble through the doorway at the end there. There was also some Geezer!Slash (tm) with Tigh fussing over him and all.

So, now Rosalin and Apollo are on the run and making deals with the devil. Billy stayed on Galactica apparently because of his political beliefs (but we all know he stayed for *sing-song* Petty Officer Duala...), and Ellen Tigh is the UberCylonBitch of doom. But we all knew that last one.

One of the things I love about BSG is what an original universe they've created. Pyramid Ball, the Lords of Cobal, the cardgames, it all works. I loved how Starbuck kicked ass on the pyramid court. It's nice to know that Helo isn't the only one who survived on Caprica, though I'm not ruling out Cylon involvement with the Refugees yet.

I loved the look on Number Six's face when Kali was talking about 'toasters'. "That's a racist comment," says She Who Is Always Bashing Humans. I can't stand Number Six, but the sad fact is that, considering his words to The Chief, Guias really is in love with her. X_x;; That's just fracked up, man. Of course, we've always known he was a total loon, but it turns out he's sort of a violent and sadistic loon, as well. Pulling that on the Chief was just... @_@

Speaking of the unexpected-- was anyone else totally taken off guard by Kali? I mean, she shot Boomer! *wails* Poor Galatica!Boomer. From all indications, her consciousness will transfer to the other Sharons, but still. I'd love to see the Chief face another Sharon, especially after her last words to him. I love that he obviously still cares for her, despite what he knows, and I adore how she clearly feels for him. *is bitten by evil BSG!bunny* Between the screwed up politics in the fleet and the actions of both humans and cylons, its sometimes hard to tell who the bad guy is.

And that's just the way it is in real life.

In the shallow end, I still like Kali-- she's cute and feisty. It helps that there are tons of other Sharons out there. *glazed eyes* Yeah...

loving these shows
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