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Firefly 1.04: "Who's Flying This Thing? Oh. That Would Be Me."

I fall more in love with this series with every episode I watch. The Spander/Firefly bunny also gains strength with each ep, and it's currently lodged its teeth quite firmly in my ankle. Ouchies. ^^;

Firefly 1.04, Bushwacked: 'Who's Flying This Thing?'
Can I just say that I *adored* the opening scene of this episode? The serenity crew playing 'uncivilized' basketball! Kawaii! In particular, Kaylee up on Jayne's shoulders, and the Zoe-Wash tag-team. I was pleasantly surprised that the Shepherd joined in as well. One of the things I love about Whedon is that he seems to get the idea that many people, cast out and/or incompatible with their birth families, end up choosing their own families. Amber and I were discussing this concept recently-- you see it in BtVS with the Scoobies, in Angel with 'Team Angel'. The concept of team/family was originally what drew me into the Stargate fandom as well and-- since y'all know I'm bitter about that ^_~-- we'll just leave it at that. It's not to say that these makeshift families don't have their own internal problems, but I love watching the bonds grow and change.

I also loved it when Malcolm called Kaylee "little Kaylee" when he was asking her about detatching the ship. Not to mention his whole "settle down" when the Alliance commander called Serenity a junkheap. She really is everyone's little sister. Other fun scenes were Zoe's belligerent interrogation, the fact that Jayne didn't even talk during his, and Wash's whole "it's definitely the legs." My very favorite thing might be the smallest-- when Malcolm and Zoe were hustling off the derelict and Wash was asking all these questions, Zoe just said, "Not now, dear." I love her.
(I also use the word "love" too often in these things. ^^;)

Definitely pissed off at the Alliance. They trashed Serenity, and they *threw* Wash's dinosaur! Thou shalt not profane the Holy WashDino! It's just *wrong*. I also suspect that one (of the many) reason that Malcolm is the 'unrespectable' sort he is now is because no 'brown coat' is going to be treated fairly within the actual Alliance system. Malcolm doesn't strike me as a system-guy anyway.

And whee, yes Mr. Alliance Commander Dude, Malcolm does have a loyal crew. Except for Jayne, who's a poohead.

Liked the explanation for Serenity's name, and Inara's babysitting of River.

In short, much Firefly-love all around. I've even roped Sam into this one-- he's teed off about liking something even remotely connected with Buffy, but he's got a horrid crush on Kaylee.

Battlestar's up next!

ETA: Re, Battlestar-- it is not right that Boomer should look that gorgeous when she's dead, okay? It's wrong. ^^;;
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