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Oh, the multifandom horror...

I want it on record that this is all Amber's (aka minttown1) fault. All of it. Her meme is definitely much funnier, though. ^__^

Mutlifandom Orgy Meme
Make a list of all the characters in your icons. (Although you may have more than one icon of a single character, they only go on the list once.) Alphabetize it. Take the first two people on the list; that's your first pairing. Second two people; second pairing. Etc.
Meredith forgot to alphabetize, because she's bad at following directions. Oppsie. ^^: Also, she skipped some icons, because some of them are of actors, and she's squicked by RPS in a big way.

Padme/Katie Rayne- [Star Wars/Resident Evil] Okay, this might actually work, in one of those alternate universes. (Probably the one without shrimp, at that. ^_~) Katie is pushy, brash, and filled with attitude, much like Anakin. Padme... well, she's no Alice, but she kicks ass. (Alice/Katie owns your soul, btw) And, come on, when your previous lover turned to the darkside and began participating in mass murder, a zombie is pretty much a step up.

Alice/Boomer- [Resident Evil/Battlestar Galatica]
ALICE: Are you a zombie?
BOOMER: I'm a genetically engineered humanoid created by the Cylons.
ALICE: Yes, but are you a zombie?
ALICE: Okay, then!
And then they discover the horrifying truth: the Cylons were behind the Umbrella Corporation all along. ^_~;;;

Wednesday/Inara- [The Addams Family/Firefly] Age issues! But, those aside, Inara would probably be remarkably patient with Wednesday's homicidal tendencies. She just has that almost unshakable Companion-Calm(tm). Wednesday would tie Wash up to play "Is There a God" with an antique guillotine; Zoe would get pissed and try to thrash her-- Inara would be in the middle, trying to mediate, and Mal would be all "can we get a muzzle for this girl, or what?" Then Wednesday would hide a bomb under Jayne's pillow and kill him, and I'd laugh, 'cause I don't like Jayne.

Kaylee/Drusilla-[Firefly/BtVS] Wouldn't this just be the Pairing of Unbearable Giddiness. I can easily see these two gleefully skipping through department stores, trying on all the shiny things and complimenting each other. I imagine Kaylee would even like Miss Edith (though Miss Edith liking her is another thing all together-- that doll is EVIL). They'd cause mayhem and destruction, but they'd be damn cute doing it.

Maia/Darla- [The 4400/BtVS] OMG, it's the pairing that officially breaks Meredith's brain. Painfully. Maia would look at Darla for a while, and then say, "you're going to be killed by your favored childe, resurrected and impregnated, only to commit suicide. ... Have fun with that." Darla would be enraged, ready to choke Maia, but Diana would empty a full clip into her, slowing her down long enough to snatch Maia to safety. Then Maia would get a lecture on Not Dating People Who Remind Us Of Aunt April. The end.

I told you Amber's was funnier.

Oooh! And my list is all femslash. Shininess!

who needs to avoid these sorts of memes, 'cause they always break her brain
Tags: angel-the-series, battlestar, buffy, femslash, firefly, resident-evil, silly-things, star-wars, the-4400, zombies

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