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Oh, pressie for Amber! (4400 fanart)

Okay-- Amber is currently planning a fic for my (supposedly) very secret 4400 slash pairing (Shawn/Kyle: so wrong, but so right). Because I really, really want her muse to cooperate, and I'm a born enabler, I have drawn the following:

Shawn & Kyle (because theirloveissoomgwegrewuptogether)

Then I played around with the pic on the computer, and came up with this. Meredith is goofy, and can only draw men if they're under the age of five. ^_~

There's something really hurtful going on at the elementary school I've been volunteering at, but I'm not going to write or worry about that. Instead, I'm going to go upstairs and watch Return of the Jedi. Darth Vader owns your soul.
Tags: art-post, fanart, silly-things, slash, the-4400

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