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Firefly 1.07: "Some People Juggle Geese"

LJ garbled this the last time I posted. Trying once again...

Feeling much better now. *grins* Sleeping half the day away, coupled with liberal doses of chicken soup seems to really have helped. I was woken up around eight by Sam letting himself and the girls in-- he brought some light snack foods, Firefly and some interesting news. My three godbrothers (Jon, Chris, and Ben) are in town this week-- I haven't seen them in at least five years-- and we're all going to get together tomorrow evening. Should prove interesting.
(yeah, I have godbrothers. My birth-dad was catholic, my mom is lapsed baptist, my great aunt is jewish... it's all a mess, really. ^^;;;)

Anyway, back to the highlight of my day...

Firefly 1.07, 'I'm madly in love with a beautiful woman who can kill me with her pinkie!' (-or- 'Some people juggle geese.')
I love this show. Seriously. On Friday, I caught the tail end of the BtVS season finale and, while it was dramatic and funny and interesting, it somehow lacked the energy of Seasons 1-4. You don't tend to notice how a show looses steam when you watch it in order-- it's the same way with me and Stargate. Firefly, however, has all that awesome energy that BtVS had in the early seasons, and that AtS seemed to loose so much more quickly. Don't get me wrong, I *adore* BtVS, and I enjoyed Angel, but what amazes me about Firefly is that all the actors seem to slip into their characters so seamlessly. I don't get that sense of feeling around for the right niches. It's like everyone figured out where the pieces were supposed to go almost from the start. Amazing.

That said, back to this episode in particular. Can I just say I *love* Mal in a dress? I snickered all through the opening tag, and even more when Inara pointed out that Mal didn't *need* to wear the dress. I must confess to being somewhat spoiled in regards to this episode-- I knew that Saffron would turn out to be a plant, so I wasn't surprised or anything. I did, however, appreciate the amount of play acting she did. That bit between Saffron and Inara was highly amusing. ("I guess we've lied enough." / "You're good." / "You're amazing.") It takes a player to see a player.

Prior to this episode, I'd been seeing some similarities between Padme (of star wars) and Inara. Now, I'm thinking that's not so true. They both have a sort of pose and grace, an 'alter ego' they present to the world for their own protection, but I think Inara actually believes hers, on occasion. Inara is, rightly, more disillusioned than Padme, less vulnerable, but lacking the inner strength I see in the Senator. They're only outwardly similar, assuming Padme is in 'Amidala' mode. Inara also has more of a capacity to be... well, a bitch. ^_^;; But it was incredibly funny and a little endearing to see her so off balance from the poison.

Other random observations about the episode:
-Not nearly enough Kaylee.
-Not a lot of Simon or River come to think of it.
-Plenty of Wash to make up for it, though. He and Zoe are so much fun to watch. Great chemistry, so much in looks and body language. I loved how Zoe's agitation only made Wash more confused, and the whole 'my wife could kill me with her pinky' line was awesome. He really does love her. Also, Zoe calling Wash 'baby' when he was injured? So cute!
-Jayne/Vera is a pairing I can actually get behind. ^_~
-I, too, would like to know how Book knows so much about crime.
-Malcolm's little monologue on his childhood was very interesting. His Mama done drug him up right, she did. ^__^ I doubt she's still alive, but I can imagine him easily dropping a decade or so at the door when he goes to see her.
-Malcolm can very easily be a dick, but I share his indignation at the whole 'special hell' spiel. He's not the type.
-Also? I've said it before, but Mal/Inara annoys me. Not because I'm a Kaylee/Inara fangirl, but because it's too... easy. It's just there. I can't explain it. It doesn't annoy me as much as Spuffy or *shudder* Sam/Jack (it's a toss up on any given day as to which of those makes me most ill).. but, yeah. The look on Inara's face at the end said it all: "I wanted to kiss him? I should kill him!"
-Also, Inara/Saffron? Scary and unexpected. Joss is never afraid to go that extra mile, is he? Malcolm was completely picturing that in his head there, in that final scene. Jerk. ^__^;;;

All in all, a fun one, with some interesting character interactions. Whee!

getting more and more tempted on those DVDs, 'cause Sci Fi won't have shown the whole series before Serenity comes out.
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