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Firefly 1.08 & 1.09-- "You paid money for this? On purpose?"

My new Firefly dvds are so shiny! With the pretty menu, and the episodes all right there for me to watch, and the missing scenes... Big <3 for Firefly.

I'm trying to pace myself (and my brother, who would have watched the whole series in one night, if I'd let him) so I've only seen three more so far. I have absolutely no understanding as to why the network canceled this brilliant show-- but then, who can comprehend the reasoning of what are obviously single-celled lifeforms. Snerk. September 30th can't come fast enough!

1.08, Jaynestown: "Hamsters is nice."
This episode worked a little to endear me to several characters I was sort of lukewarm on, and it was just damn funny to boot. Jayne's actor did an awesome job of looking scared/nervous/confused/constipated at the appropriate times. (Which is a lot more than one can say for Angel, who has roughly three facial expressions total: angry, brooding, and vampire.) I thought the whole on-ship interlude with Book and River was a really nice touch.

I loved River "fixing" Book's bible-- I can't tell you how many times *I've* wanted to go through with a red pen. (Especially the parts about a husband having lordship over his wife... *beats up Paul* Misogynist prick.) And the hair! The hair was hilarious. Who knew Book was really Einstein? This exchange had me in stitches:
ZOE: River, honey, he's putting the hair away now.
RIVER: Doesn't matter. It'll still be there. Waiting.
It's The Hair That Lurks, coming soon to a theater near you!

I also felt a little more for Simon, who exhibited the ability to be sweet (and not too bright when it comes to women) with Kaylee. "Even covered in engine grease," he says, "you're pretty." This is a very true statement, as my brother will attest. He's also funny when he's drunk, and absolutely clueless about the "real world". A menu? Hah!

Finally, the actual meat of the episode. I was a little warmer towards Jayne by the end (like, a degree, maybe). I think he's morally handicapped. He sees other people behaving ethically, and it just doesn't compute. Of course, any feeling I had for him totally disappeared with "Ariel". *kicks Jayne*

1.09, Out of Gas: "She did something to the ship, Mal. It smells funny."
One of the things I love about this show is the odd sort of togetherness the crew forms. Even more than BtVS or AtS, these people are diverse and, in some cases, completely opposite, and yet they still manage to form a unit of camaraderie that anyone can envy. The look on Simon's face when Kaylee brought out the birthday cake was just perfect! (As was River's, "Time is a finite concept. I didn't get you anything.")

I loved the whole scene in the mess, with everyone eating, laughing and talking. Of course, it had to go south, but I enjoyed it while it was there. When Zoe was injured, I was interested to see Wash call her "Baby". Despite what he told the Alliance in "Bushwhacked", I think he and Zoe really can be private people, but this episode really showed how really in love with her he is. It was awesome! (It was pretty much the second most obvious pairing in this ep, with the first being Malcolm/The Floor. Snerk. ^_~)
His last comment, about scraping her up some cake, was really cute too.

Juxtapose this with their first meeting. Zoe, I can tell you exactly what it was that bugged you about him-- that mustache! It turns him into a totally different man. Without the mustache? Cute Xander-in-space boy-in-mans-clothing. With the mustache? Sleezy car salesman type. It's a phenomenon to rival B.J.'s mustache in MASH.

Other observations:
+Who knew Kaylee was such an interstellar strumpet? *giggles* Her scene was AWESOME, and possibly my favorite introduction.
+I don't know what it is about Nathan Fillion, but somehow he managed to make Mal look considerably more young and hopeful in the flashbacks. It was amazing, the different aura he projected. I was impressed.
+I love Zoe so much. It's her attitude. "You paid money for this? On purpose?"
+Additonally, I want Inara's black bellydancer dress.

Will do "Ariel" later, because I ramble enough as it is.

Also, Amber-- The guy who played Principal Snyder in BTVS also played one of the Nox in Stargate. You know, peace-nic-y tree people? It nigh-on broke my brain!

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