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My Brain Would Just Like To Say, 'Ow'.

Meredith is a bad girl who didn't go to class today. Even the thought of discussing human sacrifice in Chinese Prehistory was not enough to make her fight the evil little pick-axe men in her brain. *sigh* A perfectly good human sacrifice ruined by a migraine. ^_~;;/X_X;;

Besides, today is one of the only days this quarter when not going to class is an actual option. I have so many assignments/requirements that if I try it at any other time, I will be summarily taken out and shot. *yawns, stretches* In the face of all this school-related nonsense, my muse has fled in abject terror. I think she's somewhere in Bangkok, buying expensive silk dresses, eating imported chocolates and flirting with anything that moves.

Me? I think I'm gonna go lay back down. If anyone wants to hold a human sacrifice to cheer me up, it wouldn't be amiss. *has a weird and probably sick sense of humor* ^_~
Come on, surely someone has torqued you guys off! I'll even volunteer the first victim offering. The guy in my Lit class who brings coffee in every single day and spills it on something of mine nine out of ten times. Grr.

very wonky, so we'll just blame the meds, okay?

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