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*bounce* Fandom!

I'm not dead... I've just been existing in that weird state of perpetual 'OMG this is DUE TOMORROW' panic.
But that's over now, at least for a little while. I spent all of Saturday reading Snarry fic, watching horror movies, eating donuts and drawing. It was awesome. I have decided that Half-Blood Prince can not kill either of my male 'ships. Tonks has Remus under some evil Imperius spell, and soon Mad-Eye will knock her upside the head and drag her off to his shack o' love, thus freeing Remus to try and Bring Black Back. *nod, nod*
Snape/Harry? Owns your soul, damn it. And I'll 'ship Lily/Narcissa to the day I die, though God only knows how that notion got stuck in my brain.

*happy sigh* It's so nice to be a fangirl and make declarations without having to back them up empirically. ^__^

Also, I got a job (read a job with actual pay) working for another elementary school (not the one I volunteer at) translating for Parent/Teacher conferences. It's only a three-day thing, but I'm very excited about it, especially since I did the ones at my home school for free. I'd do it for free anyway, but pay is nice. We like pay.

Also, I finally got to see "Pegasus" from BSG. All I have to say is, I found Tyrol and Helo bonding through killing the Pegasus XO to be somehow cute (hey, that bastard deserved to die), and I completely didn't see that whole thing with Number Six coming. Also, Admiral Kane is an Evil Cylon Bitch. Adama needs to hurry up and kick. her. ass.

And whee, Revenge of the Sith is out on DVD on Tuesday! Reality? What reality? This is fandom land, baby. ^__~
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