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Meredith's Ungrad Mantras

Meredith's Undergrad Mantras:

  • The index is my friend.
  • When in doubt, circle 'B'.
  • I will not mock dead philosophers. (Unless they really deserve it.)
  • I will not make snide references as to the sex lives of dead philosophers.
  • I will not slash Hamlet and Horatio.
  • I will not build a time machine just so I can go back and strangle Freud.
  • I will not set fire to my copy of The MLA Guide to Documentation, no matter how tedious citation becomes.
  • I will not make veiled references to Band of Brothers during my history seminar.
  • I will wait for the professor to actually ask a question before I raise my hand.
  • I will not mock the Puritans (too much).
  • Chewy cherry gummies do not fall under any of the four food groups.
  • There is no way I can work Japan into my Middle Eastern History essay, so I will just forget about it. (really)
  • I will not ask inappropriate questions about the private lives of Imperial Chinese Concubines.
  • I will not threaten to beat up an author if I don't agree with them. (I'll just... bruise them a little.)
  • I will stop trying to measure Chinese history by the number of human sacrifices in a dynasty.
  • I will walk to the Bookstore's Halloween Sale.
  • Malcolm Reynolds has nothing to do with Linguistics, therefore I will not feature him in my notes, not even as a cute lil' stick figure.
  • I will not snicker and think of Luz when Dr. Forester says "gutentag" (sp?)
  • I will not immediately correlate events in Europe to things Spike might have experienced.
  • Giggling is not an appropriate response to the mention of headless samurai.

    *grins* Hopefully I'm not the only one guilty of some of these things. ^__^
Tags: band-of-brothers, buffy, chinese-history, firefly, silly-things, slash

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