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That Was A Little Too Close

And, coming to you Live and In Various Shades of Panicky Red from the University Computer Lab...

Remember last night, when I said I had to do that WWI paper? Well, after being gratifyingly distracted by Revenge of the Sith's deleted scenes, I finally settled down to write it at about 10:00 pm. I just needed the book.
I looked for it.
And looked for it.
And looked (read, torn the place apart) for it.
Nothing. Nada. Arimasen.

Then I remembered that the book I needed (Blood of Our Sons by Nicoletta F. Gullace) was the one book I hadn't been able to purchase at the bookstore. I'd intended to buy it later, and completely forgot.
So I didn't have the book.
Okay, I told myself, I'll just go down the the library early tomorrow morning, take the book out from the reserves, and write my paper in the hour and a half before class. It's only one page. No problem.

I got to the library at 8:15 am this morning. The librarian told me that, unfortunately, my professorhad not placed the book on reserve.
"We do have it in the library..." he began.
I relaxed.
"... but both copies were stolen."
"WHAT!?" Now I was in a real panic.
"You should call your professor," said the painfully naive librarian.
"I can't do that! If I couldn't get ahold of the book, I should have told him weeks ago!"

So I ran, literally ran, all the way across campus to the bookstore, hoping against hope that they might have a copy left.
They did. There is a God in Heaven and She's Smiled Down On Me.

I got the computer labs at 8:55. I read the introduction and the first chapter, then realized I'd read part of this book for my Women in European History class. Even better, I could definitely write a page on the redefinition of British citizenship through the feminist war effort.
And so I did. I just finished it.

... that was still Way, Way Too Close. *is dead*
who's heart may stop pounding sometime next year.

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