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BSG Fanart (Attn Leigh and Amber!)

Okay, so last week, the incredibly awesome Leigh, otherwise known as gamesiplay, told us that she planned on going to a Halloween party dressed as Starbuck, from the new Battlestar Galactica series. This was a sincerely awesome decision on her part and, when I saw the photos, I knew I had to draw a picture.

Then I thought about Amber, my other BSG buddy. Then I thought about how I wished I'd had the idea to dress up as Boomer for Halloween (not that I had anywhere to go, but whatever). And so, the following picture took shape:

Three Raptor Pilots: Meredith, Leigh and Amber

Obviously, Leigh gets to be Starbuck, I get to be Boomer, and Amber can be whoever she wants (though I think she'd make a great Apollo). I tried to get the flightsuits exactly right-- it took awhile. Also, I hate drawing guns, but otherwise, I think it turned out really awesome. (And, yes, I know my hair isn't regulation, but I don't cut my hair for anyone, even fictitious military powers. ^_~)

So, Leigh, here's the pic, as promised-- with your two wingmen on either side! ^__^
Tags: art-post, battlestar, fanart

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