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"In the not too distant future..."

I woke up this morning and thought, "Wow, I'm not dead, or anything." I was confused as to what day it was, but one thing was very clear: I don't have class, and I don't have homework.

Possibly the most beautiful words in the English language. I <3 life right now. I don't have any assignments to worry about until a week from Monday. Sugoi.

In addition, I have some other very awesome things:
+Mystery Science Theater 3000 seasons four and five. ("This is where the fish lives!" / "Oh, great, now we're in the clutches of Satan, all because *you* had to have seconds." / "Can I borrow a cup of shirt?") I may die laughing. Mike Nelson is the word's most unassuming man.
+A whole bunch of new books I bought on Wednesday, since my Favorite German Bookstore was having a "20% off everything" sale. ^__^ What a wonderful excuse to splurge.
+Vanilla pudding. There's a simple thing you can do with pudding and graham crackers that tastes awesome.
+shrimp tempura Opps. I ate it all. ^^;
+Most of all, TIME. Time to watch movies and read fic and maybe even write something. Time is the world's greatest commodity.

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