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And the slash goes marching...

Okay, so I rented a bunch of movies from Hollywood Video to help me celebrate my long weekend. Among them were Red Cockroaches, Time Changer, a Frankenstein remake, and Dead Doll. (Yes, I rent obscure horror movies no one's ever heard of.) I also picked up Batman Begins, since I'd meant to see it at the theater and never had the time.

It was definitely a hell of a lot better than the other Batman movies, and I liked their Alfred. But, about halfway through the movie, I noticed something distressing:

I spied, with my little eye, something called (everyone together now) slash

Is it just me, or were there some serious Bruce Wayne/Henri Ducard vibes? Those two probably wouldn't have had to shoot at each other, set fire to things, and destroy monorails if they'd just gotten in bed together. Men.

Rec me some Wayne/Ducard, if you can. I'm such a fandom slut.
Tags: batman, batman-begins, slash, wayne/ducard

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