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Turkey Day!

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving today-- and, that those of you who don't celebrate had a nice November 23rd! ^__^

It started snowing on and off yesterday, which made the last day on campus feel kind of magical. It snowed this morning, too, which thrilled my nieces, and made it feel more like Thanksgiving. Sam and I decided to stay in Cinci this year, so we just had (really good) pork roast, stuffing, casserole, biscuits and pie for our Thanksgiving dinner. I was Desert Officer. Then we napped, and watched Skeleton Key-- all in all, nice and low key, without the trauma and angst that comes with my extended family. We called Mom, and she said she had a nice time at our grandparents, so everything worked out. *stretches* I still feel full, and kinda sleepy.

*hugs everyone* You know I'm very thankful for you guys, right? You're always so awesome to me. I have the best friends. ^__^

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