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Red is the color...

Wow-- this new layout is extremely red, isn't it? *blink, blink* I guess that's sort of in the holiday spirit. Two out of three major Christmas colors kind of counts, doesn't it?

I slept a lot today. From about 1am to 10 am, and then from 12:30pm to 5:30pm. X_x;;; Oppsie. I just couldn't wake up, though. I really hate that feeling.

Ooh! And look at my shiny new Sharon/Tyrol icon. Theirloveissoincrediblymessedup, yes. Also, I found out that the Serenity dvd comes out of December 20th-- I hinted to my mother that this would be an excellent Christmas present. *angelic look*

Not much else to report, save to say that I have my Christmas list for other people planned, so now all I have to do is get down to work. Also, Miyako's birthday is on Monday, so I need to finish making her necklace. She's turning ten-- *sniffles* they grow up so fast.

And I have War of the Worlds to watch on DVD. Tom Cruise is a big fat jerk-face, but Dakota Fanning is v. cool. I accept no argument on this point. ^_~
Tags: battlestar, firefly, sci-fi

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