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Fandom Confusion

Okay, so riddle me this one, Batman. My male OTP for Harry Potter is Harry/Snape. I realize this squicks some people-- it should probably squick me. I can't explain it, but it seems right to me.

But, when I'm stressing about papers and trying to ignore looming tests and projects, guess what type of HP fic I read?
Not Snarry.
I read Harry/Draco. I don't even *like* Harry/Draco, save as perhaps a totally unrequited obsession on Draco's part. So what the heck am I doing reading the stuff? I can only seem to do it when I'm stressed, too. It's bizarre.

There's no denying there's some good stuff out there. There's also a lot of tripe, but you get that with any pairing (including HP/SS). I'm just trying to figure out why I'm so bipolar, here.

It's weird.

But, if you're looking for good fic revolving around Harry or James Potter, you should definitely head over here. They have lots of pairings, including HP/DM, HP/RW, HP/SS, JP/LM, JP/SS, JP/SB and JP/HP.
... yeah, James/Harry. Now I'm squicked. ^^;
whose brain does weird things when she's trying not to do her work.
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