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I hate university computers. Damn Appleworks just ate half an entry I’d typed up. The gist of the beginning was pretty much me yammering on about Mystery Science Theater 3000, and killer shrews. I decided that I like both Joel and Mike, but that I like Mike better because he’s unassuming and childlike and slightly crazed, whereas Joel is confused and laidback. I also wondered whether or not I should really be thinking about characterization when the main aim of the show is to be goofy and make fun of bad movies, but I decided that the characters are part of what makes it fun.

Then, in an attempt to completely ignore the fires of exam hell burning all around me, I was making a list of…

disclaimer: I realize that some of my unacceptable pairings may be actually be the OTPs of people on my friends list. I figure some of my OTPs are on your unacceptable list, so it all evens out. ^__^ I mean no offense. Also, I mean OTP in the fun sense, not in the scary dogmatic sense.

Meredith’s OTPs
Or: You Can’t Convince Me otherwise, Damnit. ^_~
  • Jack/Daniel (stargate)
    I’m still bitter at Jack for varius crimes re seasons 5-9. However, in my happy land of Denial, I can ignore things like The Shit ‘Ship, and slash away. Still, I miss my happy team/surrogate family. Also, Daniel/Vala? Not happening in MY ‘verse.
  • Spike/Xander (buffy the vampire slayer)
    I love, love, love this dynamic. This fandom is like my crack; I love Spike and Xander separately—together, they make me a shiny girl.
  • Kaylee/Inara (Firefly)
    Completely ignoring the last forty-five minutes of Serenity, okay?
  • Jim/Blair (the sentinel)
    Me and 50,000 other women.
  • Lily/Narcissa (harry potter)
    Canon? We don’t need no stinking canon.
  • Harry/Severus (harry potter)
    Completely wrong, but oh so right. There’s an icon floating around that sums up this pairing nicely. ‘HP/SS—because Severus is just a big teddy bear. Who kills things.’
  • Remus/Sirius (harry potter)
    It’s CANON! *screams like a crazy soccer mom* It’s CANNNNONNN!
  • Willow/Tara (buffy the vampire slayer)
    Accept no icky Kennedy substitutes.
  • Wade/Quinn (sliders)
    Maggie must die.
  • Winters/Nixon (band of brothers)
    I shouldn’t even have to put a comment here. WinNix just IS, okay?
  • Hawkeye/BJ (mash)
    My first slash pairing. *sniffles*
  • Sakura/Tomoyo (card captor sakura)
    It’s beautiful, and Sayoran/Sakura is an accident looking for a place to happen.
  • Marcus/Susan (Babylon 5)
    My first pairing ever.
  • Padme/Anakin (star wars)
    Of course.
  • Nick/LaCroix (forever knight)
    If those two aren’t doing it, I will eat my hat.
  • Shawn/Kyle (the 4400)
    I’m going to hell, but that’s okay.
  • Madeye/Tonks (harry potter)
    Completely Amber’s fault.
  • Alice/Katie (resident evil)
    love cut tragically short by zombies.
  • Sharon/Tyrol
    Robots in lurve. ^__^

    Meredith’s OTPs That Scare The Hell Out of Her
    Or: What’s wrong with me that makes me find this appealing? X_x
  • Speirs/Lipton (band of brothers)
    I would not argue with Speirs if you paid me.
  • Bellatrix/Ginny (harry potter)
    MY GOD there’s something wrong with me
  • Fred/Lorne (angel the series)
    I need help.
  • Wayne/Ducard (batman)
    *weeps* My brain…
  • Lydia/Beetlejuice (beetlejuice; the animated series)
    *feels great shame*

    Meredith’s Unacceptable Pairings
    Or: I don’t care if it’s canon, there’s no way in hell.
  • Sam/Jack (stargate sg-1)
    I hate this pairing. I loathe this pairing. This pairing makes me want to go poke out people’s eyeballs with a fork. It’s wrong on so many levels—not just because I’m a slasher, or because of the chemistry, but BECAUSE OF THE REGS. Don’t get me started.
  • Buffy/Spike (buffy the vampire slayer)
    Only slightly less hated than Sam/Jack.
  • Padme/Obiwan (star wars)
    This pairing is satan.
  • Malcolm/Inara (firefly)
    Um… Ew?
  • Lucius/Anyone (harry potter)
    makes baby jesus cry.

    I’ll read other pairings, of course, but I generally don’t feel strongly about them unless the author is talented and can convince me. ^__^
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