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Meredith Vs. The Clex (and the winner is...)

Well, Meredith certainly did a good job resisting the Clex. She lasted until Monday night, when she broke down and read the rest of Interstitial. She then read everything else on Punk's site. Since then, she's read through authors A-C on The Smallville Slash Archive and some stuff on Level Three Records Room. She's also got her DVR set to record the show.

Nice job, Meredith. X_x;;;

I really love the idea of Clark and Lex being friends in the early years-- just appeals to my angst/inescapable destiny buttons, I guess. I'm told the show goes down hill after season two, but the same thing happened with Stargate SG-1 post season four, so I'll deal. That's what fanfiction is for.

Will post something of actual substance later-- right now, I have some Christmas shopping to do. ^^
Tags: slash, smallville, stargate

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