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You've got to love firey red-heads...

It's official: I have a crush on Martha Kent.

... do you have any idea what kind of complexes this is going to give me? *shakes head* When I used to watch Lois and Clark with my mom, we agreed that Martha Kent was like everyone's mother-figure. I have so many issues now. ^_~;;

But Martha of Smallville is even cooler than Martha of L&C. "Okay," says her demeanor, "my adopted son is an alien from another planet. Clark, have you had enough to eat today?" *giggles*

Also, Jonathan Kent annoys the hell out of me in this series-- he was much less abrasive in L&C. (I told you I shouldn't be watching Smallville after having seen that series. X_x;; Now I see The Clex there, too.)

Btw, do we ever see Lex's mom in a flashback or anything? I'm just curious, because when I write male characters, their relationship with their mother tells me a lot about how to figure them... ^^;; Also, that flashback in Lineage? Cutest thing ever. (Mini!Clark: "Ohhh... pretty Lex." *pets*)

I'm so doomed.
Tags: l&c, slash, smallville

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