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Evil Corportations and Cylons

Meredith is the shiny, happy owner of Smallville season one, on DVD. I told myself I wasn't gonna buy any DVDs, but I found S1 on for $25, which is a steal compared to the sixty bucks both B&N and Borders wanted for it.

I'm actually really glad I bought it, because I would have had to wait forever for it to air on TV, and season one is really so, so much better than the later episodes I've been watching. Early Clex is love, it's as simple as that.

Now I just have to resist buying Lois and Clark. Also, I have to go watch some nice BSG episodes, like "33", so I won't scream about the whole Rosalyn/*cough*spoliler*cough* thing on Friday's ep.

Also, teaser images for the episode two weeks from now show Starbuck talking witha pregnant Caprica!Sharon. I can't wait to see that.

Oh-- here's a scary thought: LuthorCorp and Umbrella Corp pooling their resources. Mutant zombies are very in this season. ^_~
Tags: battlestar, l&c, resident-evil, smallville

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