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Crack!Crossover of Doom! (and too many exclamation points)

New layout, since I have such a short attention span. But this one lasted almost a month! ^__^; I was trying to move away from using red, but only managed to get into the rust/brown/pink category. Oopsie. Maybe next time, I'll do something really drastic, like move on to purple. ^^;

Earlier, I mentioned the high probability of a LuthorCorp/Umbrella Corp cooperative. Because, you know, evil ruthless global conglomerates have to stick together.
Or something.

Of course, my frightening brain did not stop there. I started thinking about all the possible legal snafus involved in illegal experiments/alien dissection/kryptonite hoarding. So, it is therefore equally likely that both LuthorCorp and Umbrella Corp have Wolfram & Hart on speed-dial for all legal issues. Like Lionel Luthor could resist being involved in the apocalypse, anyway. It wouldn't surprise me if this evil partnership were to come up with the first Cylons, and all the creepy technology that stir-fried River Tam's brain. Oh! And Level Three probably has a bunch of stuff stolen from Area 51, including a quantum mirror, with means they're in league with the NID (or whatever Stargate is calling them, these days). Oh! Obviously, the Kryptonians were even more snobby than the Tollan, as they were extremely advanced but didn't even have a stargate. I bet they kicked serious Goa'uld ass, though. Maybe the Kryptonians know who stole the 4400.

... okay, I need to stop this right now, because it's hurting my brain. Now I'm thinking about Tom and Diana going to Smallville to investigate Clark, and Maia having Very Strong Words with Lex about how freak'n scary his future is.

And I bet Fred Burkle was offered a research position by LuthorCorp and/or Umbrella Corp, before she got sucked into Pylea.

This has been Meredith's Really Twisted Crack!Crossover of Doom. Thank you. ^_~
who should not think so much
Tags: angel-the-series, battlestar, firefly, resident-evil, smallville, stargate, the-4400

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