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Every flavor of Clex

So, Meredith caved and bought the first season of Lois and Clark on DVD. She's a bad girl, but it was 10% off, and she did have a twenty-five dollar gift certificate on top of that.

It's pretty much as I remembered it-- cute, with occasions of dorkiness, and mostly fun. I still hate Lois Lane, but I in no way expected that to change. However, her portrayal in the pilot has now given me a topic for my Women's Studies midterm-- we're supposed to analyze a cultural artifact (like a an episode of a TV show) and decide whether or not its portrayal of women is progressive or traditional. My argument will be that, while Lois appears on the surface to be a strong female character, there's still a lot of sexism in how she's written.

Anyway, Dean Cane is still the best grown-up Superman. I can easily imagine Smallville's Clark growing up like that. Sweet and determined and dorky, with a heart of gold. I used to adore L&C's Lex Luthor-- I still do, but not as much, because Michael Rosenbaum (sp?) is the best Lex ever, so snarky and cool, with a soft emotional underbelly. L&C's Lex is what would have happened had he never gone to Smallville-- ie, over-influenced by his father. Heh. I still manage to see Clex in L&C, even though I know I'm not supposed to.

Now I have to resist the bunnies that want me to take bits of L&C and make them into a Clexy future for Smallville.

Also! Amber, Leigh-- Frank Burns' actor was on L&C! He played this guy who thought he'd been kidnaped by aliens. I kept looking at him, thinking 'that face is familiar'. Then, when he said "invading alien hordes", I realized it was Frank. No one says "invading hordes" like he does!

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