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Ice Skating, Winter, & Lesbians (not all that the same time, though)

A Series of Open Letters:

Dear Ohio,

It is just way too freaking cold, okay? I would like my ears to stay attached to my head, if it isn't too much trouble.



Dear Universe,

Explain to me how I can go to a meeting of Campus Lesbians and still be the only dyke there? Huh? How does that work, exactly?

Very confused,


Dear Olympic Judges,

It strikes me as odd that you can completely re-vamp the judging system and still have the Russian team-- who performed like a pair of robots-- in first place. China's Zhang/Zhang pair was much better, and so was the Zhao/?? pair. They had energy and feeling and actual human expressions. Please remedy this in the long program, okay?

Not much love,


I've managed to make it through midterms, and now I have about a week in which I am not actually required to do anything. (Yay!) Also, I have L&C season two, which makes me happy.
lacking in the life department, but not really caring

Also, there's more of World Shaking Down here. Natch. ^^
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