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BSG: It does not pay to be a puppy-person

*sobs* Damn it, l just got around to watching last Friday's BSG. *sobs some more* Episode 2.14 sucked rocks, but then 2.15 (with the whole "Scar" deal) was really good, and now...

THEY KILLED MY BILLY!!! They killed him dead, all because he was a sweet puppy person and was actually coming into his own as a character.

You know, at the beginning of the series, I really liked Duala. I thought she was awesome. Then the writer's pulled this whole Lee/Duala thing out of thin air a few eps back, and suddenly Duala had zero time for Billy, even though he's always been there for her, and clearly worships the deck she walks on. Couldn't the bleeding writers have found someone else to be the third in their sad Starbuck/Apollo/Other-Unfortunate-Female Triangle? Hmm? I don't see why they had to screw over Duala's character like that.

Billy gave her his debate team ring. That reached levels of cuteness previously unknown to man. He was all blushing and stuttering and school-boy-like, and she turned him down for Lee, who can't even freak'n make up his mind whether or not he wants to live. Poor Billy.

And then, he dies protecting her, even though-- as she pointed out-- he had no military training, and wasn't prepared for a situation like that. It didn't matter to him; she was in trouble, and he stepped in front of the bullet, literally. *hugs dead!Billy* It made Rosalin cry, for god's sake.

I have no interest in the Starbuck/Apollo thing. I mean, it does support the whole slash thing in the original series, but I have the same problems with it in the current series as I did with the shit Sam/Jack *shudder* in Stargate. Is Lee still Galactica's KAG? Because if he is, then he and Starbuck would be breaking the same rules Boomer and Tyrol were and... *shakes head* Anyway, I liked it better when they were more brother/sisterly, the way Starbuck and Helo are now.

Anyway, Billy is dead, and I am extremely sad. It just goes to show you that Hopelessly Devoted Puppy People never win at love. God only knows why, but it's true. *cuddles Billy, adds him to the ranks of Xander, Daniel, Radar, Jimmy Oslen...*

Happy freaking V-Day. X_X;;;

V. sad.
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