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"I can't let him go by himself, he doesn't know where it is."

Last night, I had a dream that Band of Brothers' Dick Winters and Lewis Nixon were fighting in the Vietnam War. They were exactly the same age as they were during WW2, and I was understandably confused. I wasn't actually in the dream, but I do remember some grunt asking Nix what they were doing there. Nix threw his arm around Winters and grinned, "We got lost on the way to Japan."

... X_x;; I worry about my brain, sometimes.

Somehow, I'm sure this is connected to my viewing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show this weekend. That movie always messes with my brain. Tim Curry carries make-up way too well for anyone's comfort.

Leigh, darling, your birthday is coming up. What do you want? *angelic look*
Tags: band-of-brothers, dreams

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