Meredith Bronwen Mallory (garnettrees) wrote,
Meredith Bronwen Mallory

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Hell Has No Internet Access

Well, I'm internetless. I have been since Sunday morning, and it's looking like I may not have it back until Wednesday or Thursday. *cries* In the middle of Final Exam Hell, this was the last thing I needed.

This really was one of the worst weekends in the history of ever. On Saturday morning, my sump-pump alarm went off, notifying me that Ohio's endless stream of March rain was flooding my basement. I spent more than a few hours knee deep in filthy water trying to fix the thing. Then, around midnight, the electricity went off, leaving me in the dark with two essays and a research paper to work on. Finally, last night was a mad dash to complete a total of eighteen pages, for various take home exams.


Yeah. Um... good things about this weekend were... um... my MST3k volume two DVDs came. That's about it.

Anyway, I'm sorry to dump on you guys and run, but I have an exam in five minutes. I hope to get back online soon! *hugs*

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