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My Flesh is Glass and Steel

The Ramblings and Fanfiction of Meredith Bronwen Mallory

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Meredith Bronwen Mallory
8 August
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Meredith is a Japanese language and Middle Eastern history major who graduated with her bachelor's, and now works as a Fleet Administrator and Cargo Fraud Analyst for a national (but still nameless) road haulage company. When not drowning in job related nonsense (sql, fraud reports, shipping data-- oh my!), she keeps up her language practice by tutoring, watching J-dramas, and occassionally indulging in yaoi manga. (Shhh, that's supposed to be a secret! ^_~) She is a thirty-ish lesbian of mixed Irish/Jewish/Indian stock, native to Rhode Island and currently slogging it out in the nowhere-ness and sheer boredom of Ohio. She's been online since 1999, writing way too much fanfiction than is healthy for her. Or anyone else, for that matter. When not writing or dashing about trying to get to work on time, you can find her drawing, reading, playing with clay, jumping rope, or messing with computer languages.

Her current fandoms are X-Men: First Class (Charles/Erik), Torchwood (Jack/Ianto), The Dark Tower (gen), Star Wars (Padme/Anakin, Qui/Obi), Stargate (Jack/Daniel), The Original Star Trek (Kirk/Spock), Harry Potter (Harry/Severus, Lily/Narcissa), M*A*S*H (Hawkeye/BJ, ect), Band of Brothers (Win/Nix, ect), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Spike/Xander), Star Trek TOS (Kirk/Spock), Firefly (Kaylee/Inara), Smallville (Clark/Lex), Batman (Bruce/Dick), Teen Titans (Tim/Kon), Glee (Kurt/Karofsky), and The Sentinel (Jim/Blair). Occasionally, she makes forays into Forever Knight (Nick/LaCroix), Card Captor Sakura (Sakura/Tomoyo) and the Tomie movies. Formerly, her fandoms included Sliders (Quinn/Wade), Transformers (Sam/Bee, Op/Meg),Sailor Moon (Demando/Usagi) and Babylon 5 (Susan/Marcus, Susan/Talia). All in all, that's enough fanfiction to choke an entire cavalry of horses. ^^
She can also personally attest that, once you start down the path of slash, forever will it dominate your destiny. ^^; (No, seriously, I'm not kidding.)

As if that isn't enough evidence that she is not in possession of that strange thing people call 'a life', Meredith is also a devoted reader of H.P. Lovecraft, Angela Carter, and Theodore Sturgeon. She adores Margaret Atwood, Amy Tan, Maxine Hong-Kingston, C.L. Moore, Leslea Newman, and almost anything involving horrible specters from the past/monstrous beings from outer space. At the same time, she's picky about quality.

Subjects bound to get her going include war fiction, gay/lesbian rights, women's rights, the so-called 'clash of cultures' paradigm, disability rights, Japanese and Chinese culture, astrology, the civil war, Mars, and religion. Any religion, just try me. ^_~

She has a terrible habit of speaking in third person, sometimes plural, even. We'll shut up now. ^_~

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