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Meredith Bronwen Mallory
Brief Yet Hopefully Amusing Anecdote: The title of this episode is 'Futamono', i.e. 'covered thing'. The word 'mono' by itself just means 'thing' and it's used pretty frequently in Japanese. Tabemono (food, or literally 'eat thing'), kaimono (purchases/groceries/shopping, or 'buy thing'), kimono ('wear thing', originally meaning any type of clothing), ect. There's also a great term for Hannibal-- bakemono (monster, or 'bad/scary/awful' thing).

This concludes our brief linguistic digression, brought to you by Jack's Joke Shop. 'Cause if it ain't funny, it ain't worth jack. ^_~

Hannibal 2x06: i like my town with a little drop of poisonCollapse )

*Tokyo Babylon reference FOR THE WIN.
** Hmmm, upon review, it seems I swear a bit excessively during these recaps. Forgive me, I'm still mad about Beverly. And Abigail.

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Meredith Bronwen Mallory
09 January 2010 @ 02:00 am

*grins* I wanted to post this while it was still close enough to New Years to appreciate. I actually finished it on the 4th, but my dinosaur of a scanner didn't feel like cooperating. I finally wrestled it into submission. ^_~ Thus, I present little Xiao Yin ("Cause of Dawn") and her tiger, Baitora (chinese "bai" for white; japanese "tora" for tiger. okay-- sometimes I'm a literalist ^_~). 2010 is the year of the tiger and, even though I'm not very good at animals, I had this picture of a young girl in yellow and green robes leaning against a tiger. I finally decided to go with a white Bengal tiger. All things considered, it turned out pretty good, though the stripes were a pain to get right. I'm very pleased with Xiao Yin's relaxed, trusting position, too. In the botton right corner is my sorry version of the kanji for 'tiger'. Prismacolor and copic markers on drawing paper, with cold fountain ick for the outlines. I'm not usually big on yellow and green, but it's a combination that's growing on me.

Besides, I had to post *something*-- I can't even scrounge up a '2009 Fic Post'! The only thing I wrote and posted was We Were the More Deceived 2/? [The 4400]. On my desk top, I have three word documents entitled 'sumeragi.cwk', 'pleiades.cwk', and 'wintermoon.cwk'.
Sumeragi.cwk is the four-and-a-half page start of a Tokyo Babylon/X fic (Subaru/Seishirou-- how dark get you get, for the love of all that's holy?) set in post 1999 Tokyo.
Pleiades.cwk is a two page start to a Doctor/Rose fic I've been picking away at with little success since 2006. Even though Doctor/Rose is probably my favorite het pairing, I just can't seem to get it to move.
"Wintermoon.cwk" was my COE fix-it (Jack/Ianto and absolutely unrepentant, ladies and gents). As of last Tuesday, I was able to expand it to ten pages-- now a prologue and first chapter, though it still needs a clean up by my beta, an actual title and, oh, yeah, courage on the part of yours truly to post it. Though, of course, deep down I *am* a shameless writing whore, so I'm sure it will end up here eventually.

All in all, I wasn't very productive in 2009. *eyes Carol, who tries to look oblivious* Yeesh.

Speaking of Torchwood, though-- Save Ianto Jones is having a little shin-dig today, in which the idea is to email the BBC with comments/suggestions in regards to season four. (Namely... saving Ianto Jones! Funny, that.) I did mine. After all, as long a shot as it seems, it never hurts to make your fanbase heard. Look what happened with Daniel Jackson!
Though, with our luck, they'll bring our coffeeboy back for a Ianto/Jack/Alonso triangle. *gags* @_@;;

'Night everyone!
off to finish watching Star Trek IV, otherwise known as Kirk and Spock Save The Whales. The cuteness is frightening, but still somehow endearing. Love my classic OTP. ^_^
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Meredith Bronwen Mallory
10 May 2009 @ 12:49 am
I can't believe I went four weeks without posting. I'm a wretched, wretched person... (and yes, I know I'm always saying that! ^^;) At least I have a reason for the last two weeks.

... I'm going to Japan. As in, on Monday. At 9:55 am.

And I'm only half packed, and I work from 9:30am-8:30pm tomorrow. Ahahahaha. Ha. No. ^_^;;;;

I've been rushing around like a chicken with its head loosened substantially because, as soon as I got my (very nice) tax return and paid all the grubby hands that suddenly popped up, a thought came to me. This thought was, "I probably won't have this much money all at once again for a long, long time". Only much less coherent, you understand.

Turns out, there was a deal with Delta in which I could trade all my skymiles for a $200 round-trip ticket to Narita, Japan. No, I didn't miss a zero, I said two hundred dollars!!! *suppressing the desire to add more exclamation points* Ever since, I've been trying to wrangle enough vacation time to take advantage of this offer, in time to take this offer. And, two days before the deadline, I made it! I can not express to you how incredibly excited I am-- I'm staying 55 minutes outside of Tokyo, for six days, visiting friends and just making plans to generally have fun and practice the language. I'd almost resigned myself to not being able to afford going back without a job or college related tuition exchange... I can scarcely believe my luck.

The long and short of it is, I have been reading your journals and I should have been better about replying. *bangs head* I need to stop sleeping through my three days off, is what it is.

(Amber-- I want to see a picture of your new dress, and now that you have a passport you can TOTALLY COME WITH ME, and I thought I was the only one who saw Forsaken slash! *deep breath*)
(Leigh- I sent you a pm. I have mixed feelings about the new Star Trek movie, but for you I would go see it in a heart beat!)
(Neb- You are a really angelic, supportive sweetheart, you know that, right?)
(wickedwonder1, ivylore, and madisonpassion- thank you so much for responding to my description of That Sort of Person. I'm sorry I didn't respond personally, but please know that-- when things got ragged-- I would go back to your replies and feel comforted. ^__^)

Incidentally, this trip is timed so that I will be back in time offer moral support when Leslie has her baby (and possibly, you know, offer her a meat-cleaver to use on Josh). However, it will also give me a break from the intense, syrupy bonding they're going through as excited expectant parents. I don't begrudge them a moment of it, but... yeah. *smiles* And I've left Joshua with a long list of instructions and Things Not To Do While I'm Gone. ^_~

I hope to post once more before I leave. *hugs to pieces*
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Meredith Bronwen Mallory
Starting a new job always makes me incredibly nervous. And yet, being jobless for a week makes me feel aimless and disconnected, no matter how busy I keep myself. So, clearly, the solution to these feelings is to take two hundred dollars out of the hiding place in my mattress (why, yes, I do sometimes behave as if I was raised during the Great Depression-- why do you ask? ^_~) and go downtown for some shopping. I made Sam come with me while the girls were in school. The draw was that he could look at the old sheet music at the rare bookstore on Main Street but, as he pointed out later, I clearly had evil subconcious plans to make him carry all my bags. I am a supervillian, yes. ^_^

I bought a pair of sapphire earrings (dangly, but of conservative length and cut), a glazed glass barrette made to look like a cluster of morning glories, a midnight blue 1940's button-up blouse from the vintage clothing store, and a book entitled, Among the Missing: An Anecdotal History of Unsolved Disappearances From 1880 to the Present. Sam got a three separate tymphani compositions from the 1950's and, yes, he did end up carrying my packages and my coat, but I paid him in Dunkin' Donuts and Penn Station Subs, so what does he have to complain about? Also, we were mistaken for a married couple twice, which is intensely disturbing-- various embarrassed service persons assured that they assumed so because, while we were bickering, we were not actively attempting to kill each other, as they would with their siblings.

That was on Thursday. When we got home, we took the girls to see the sneak preview of Iron Man (which was so, so completely awesome there are not words to express it in a succinct manner). Pepper rocked; the music rocked, the presentation was at once rousing and funny. I loved it, though I'll always be a DC girl at heart. On Friday, I authorized a direct deposit for my new job, and ironed out some details with my direct supervisor. I'm working second shift in the credit 'help desk' section of the call center of A Major Department Store Corporation That Shall Remain Nameless (though I'll give you a cookie if you want to guess ^_~). There's three weeks of training first, but it's all paid, and paid well. Not to mention better health insurence. I'm thinking of going back to college this summer, one or two classes at a time. Mostly to keep my Japanese skills up-- I have my resume in with three different Japanese-only placement companies in the area, and I want to be in top form if something comes up.

On Friday evening, I watched Battlestar Galactica, which is still incredibly awesome, and also slightly trippy now that the breaks are off. Cylons at war! Baltar the cultist! Starbuck hurtling at the speed of light, and Tyrol finally admitted he loved (loves?) Boomer! Awesome.

I have Leigh's thesis ready for me to read, and my sights set on buying the revised edition of Stephen King's The Gunslinger before I start work. *crosses fingers* I really, really want this job to go well.

Thanks for listening!
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Meredith Bronwen Mallory
30 October 2005 @ 10:12 am
I'm not dead... I've just been existing in that weird state of perpetual 'OMG this is DUE TOMORROW' panic.
But that's over now, at least for a little while. I spent all of Saturday reading Snarry fic, watching horror movies, eating donuts and drawing. It was awesome. I have decided that Half-Blood Prince can not kill either of my male 'ships. Tonks has Remus under some evil Imperius spell, and soon Mad-Eye will knock her upside the head and drag her off to his shack o' love, thus freeing Remus to try and Bring Black Back. *nod, nod*
Snape/Harry? Owns your soul, damn it. And I'll 'ship Lily/Narcissa to the day I die, though God only knows how that notion got stuck in my brain.

*happy sigh* It's so nice to be a fangirl and make declarations without having to back them up empirically. ^__^

Also, I got a job (read a job with actual pay) working for another elementary school (not the one I volunteer at) translating for Parent/Teacher conferences. It's only a three-day thing, but I'm very excited about it, especially since I did the ones at my home school for free. I'd do it for free anyway, but pay is nice. We like pay.

Also, I finally got to see "Pegasus" from BSG. All I have to say is, I found Tyrol and Helo bonding through killing the Pegasus XO to be somehow cute (hey, that bastard deserved to die), and I completely didn't see that whole thing with Number Six coming. Also, Admiral Kane is an Evil Cylon Bitch. Adama needs to hurry up and kick. her. ass.

And whee, Revenge of the Sith is out on DVD on Tuesday! Reality? What reality? This is fandom land, baby. ^__~
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Meredith Bronwen Mallory
Author's Notes: Man, when it rains, it pours. *eyes muse* This another BSG fic, which means it's also Tyrol/Sharon-- who knew I'd have such a weakness for this pairing? There's also some Sharon/Helo, and some weirdness. Spoilers through "Flight of The Phoenix". I can't thank you enough for taking the time to read my fic. I hope it doesn't disappoint and, if I could trouble you a little more to comment, that would be great!

The story within this fic is based loosely on the Japanese legend, Kitsune No Hanayome (The Fox Bride). I hope it's not too confusing, but it demanded to be written just like this. *shrugs* Muses.

Thanks for reading!

Every Girl Who Shares My Face 1/1 (BSG: Sharon/Tyrol, Sharon/Helo, Teens And Up)Collapse )
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Meredith Bronwen Mallory
And yay for my weekly dose of Firefly! Waiting for Friday is something of a drag-- I have birthday money, and am terribly tempted to just buy the series on DVD. But then I'd watch it all in one go and have nothing to tide me over 'til the movie. Decisions, decisions.

I've managed to rope Sam into Firefly, surprisingly enough. He's frightfully embarrassed to have anything to do with the Whedon-verse, simply out of his distain for BtVS. Kaylee, however, has really turned his head, and even beaten out Boomer as his girl-of-the-desktop-wallpaper. ^^; The man has no taste-- Kaylee is awesome, but.. beating Boomer? *Please*.


Firefly 1.05, Shindig: 'I'll buy you a slinky dress. Captain, can I have some money to buy a slinky dress?'Collapse )
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Meredith Bronwen Mallory
15 May 2005 @ 10:49 am
Whew. I think I'm finally over the hump, in terms of the cluster of assignments all due at the same time. Sometimes I wonder if the Professors plan this or something-- it's way too suspicious! ^_~

I slept practically all of Saturday, trying to recharge my batteries. It's amazing how tired loosing one of my days off made me, but it was for a worthy cause. I've talked with Ms. Takamoto (Miyako and Hideki's mom), and we'll be starting tutoring on June 7th, for an hour and a half each week. I'm actually going to be tutoring Miyako, Hideki and Ms. Takamoto. X_x I have supplies for teaching the kids English-- Tyrone gave me some old Phonics books, and a copy of the primers they use in first and third grade-- but I'm going to have to find some adult material for teaching Ms. Takamoto. The downtown library has a pretty good English-As-A-Second-Language section, so I may look there. I'm actually really looking forward to this.

Star Wars is on Thursday (Thursday! *supersonic squee*), so Sam and I are going up to Springdale to pick on the tickets on Monday. I'll feel even more 'squee!' when I have them in my hot little hands. I just can't wait to see this film. At the same time, it's hard to believe the saga will be over. I grew up with Star Wars, and I'm one of those people who actually likes the Prequels. I can't help it-- Padme Amidala is, in my humble opinion, one of the most awesome female characters in film. Don't disappoint me, Uncle George!

Finally, some random observations, facts, whatever:
1. Did anyone see 'Alien Planet' on the Discovery Channel last night? It was kind of a what-if thing like 'The Future is Wild'-- ie, what scientists think we might find if we were to send a probe to another planet. Unlike straight-up sci fi, there was no real plot, just a lot of theories, but some of the animals were really cool. I liked the Sea Stalker-- I want to take one home and pet him and call him Harold! ^_~;;;

2. Apparently, Japan and Russia are still at war. They never signed a peace treaty at the end of WW2, which is playing hell with their current dispute over island territory (which was what we were talking about in Asian Geography). Dudes. Well, they're not the only ones still fighting World War II, but still... X_x

3. Speaking of Japan, in the 1890s, they were having trouble with sailors that would get shipwrecked on Taiwan. Guess what the native population did to them? Guess!
That's right, cannibalism. So the Ching dynasty said to Japan, "You can have Taiwan, 'cause we don't want to deal with it." Silly cannibals.

4. Diary of a Mad Man is also about cannibalism. Just thought I'd mention that-- theme, and all. ^^;;;

5. On a fannish note: Angel and Baby!Connor? Too frak'n cute. I normally don't even like Angel, and I have mixed feelings about Connor (because all I saw of him was the end of Season Four)... but, dang, they're cute.

6. Also AtS: Someone should write Fred/Lorne. Yes, it's het, but... it would so work! *seems to have caught Amber's wild pairing disease ^_~* Lorne was so broken up when Fred died, talking about how accepting she was of him, and he's always sweet to her... Fred herself is smart enough to look past the surface, and she spent all that time on Pylia, which they both hate passionately.... See?

7. I'm going through Spike with drawl. *will have to get out her Buffy tapes*

8. The Regulators by Richard Bachman (aka Stephen King) is a weird book. But it's set in Ohio, so at least he recognizes the fact that Ohio is a nuclear generator for weird things that lurk bellow the surface of the sheer boredom.

9. Stephen King killed his pen name. Freudian much? X_x

10. Oh! And I watched a documentary on the Bermuda Triangle yesterday. I *heart* the Bermuda Triangle. ^__^ Aliens, Time-Warps and Ghosts, oh my!

Much love,
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Meredith Bronwen Mallory
10 May 2005 @ 09:25 pm
This is just a note to let you guys know that I haven't actually disappeared, joined the circus, or been kidnapped by aliens. I'm sorry I haven't been around to talk or comment much lately, but RL has currently sunken it's extremely sharp teeth into my leg.

On Friday, I got a call from the local elementary school, saying that they had another Japanese family moving in for the last three weeks of school. The family has a first grade boy (Hideki) and a third grade girl (Miyako), and neither child speaks any English. I was actually absolutely delighted to get another chance to work with Japanese students, so I told the school I would help out for a few days. I got permission from my professors to miss class on Monday, and talked to the teachers about their new students, class room rules, curriculum for the rest of the year, ect. I spent most of the weekend translating information packets for the parents.

So, for the past two days, I've been juggling first and third grade, trying to get these kids settled in a little. Hideki and Miyako are absolutely the cutest little things; Miyako is a real sweetheart, and Hideki has a little wicked streak. (He does this thing where he flutters his eyelashes at you as if to say, 'Who ME?') Miyako is also incredibly smart, and talented on the recorder. I was sorry to leave both of them today, but I think they're ready to work without me-- they know the rules, are picking up English, and their classmates are willing to help them out. Besides, their mother has asked me to tutor them over the summer, so I'll be seeing them again.

Unfortunately, at the same time all of this was going on, I've had a take-home midterm and a project to do, both due tomorrow. X_x Right now, I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to get things organized. @_@ And I thought things weren't going to get crazy for a few more weeks! ^_~;;;

Anyway, that's where I've been. I still owe Leigh an email, and some feedback for her kick-ass BSG drabble (read it here: 'Being Alive'. Like RIGHT NOW. ^_~). I owe Amber some feedback as well.

Gomen nasai!!
(I'm so very sorry!)

A sort of frazzled,
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