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Meredith Bronwen Mallory
19 July 2009 @ 11:20 pm
Ohio is a very, very confused state. *shakes head* It feels like autumn here-- and has for the past week. Record lows, evening highs in the fifties. Normally our Julys are sweltering, but our state gets mixed up easily. I think the other states laugh at it 'cause it's challenged. ^_^;;;

You know, I was actually going to type this entry yesterday on my hour lunch at work, because I knew I'd be too exhausted when I got home. But, when got to the computer room, someone had turned the AC up to the point where I expected to see small penguins doing drill routines in between the desks. It's cold in my department, but that was positively *frigid*. I promptly fled, for fear of frostbite. And, sure enough, I was completely exhausted when I got home-- I fell asleep on the couch. ^^; Eh.

But! (She exclaims, needlessly) Here I am, with general Rl and fandom comments, not to mention actual fanart. I know-- I'm shocked too. ^_~

First, fandom: (cut for possible HBP, Torchwood, and Transformers II spoilers)Collapse )

I've actually decided to skip the RL news. It's not bad, just... eh, some other time.

Now the fanart! I have Transformers and The 4400. Thanks to Josh's stubborn demands to be included in my little work related comics, I've gotten more practice drawing men. (Some of this practice involves Leslie and I hitting him for being male, and thus difficult to draw. ^_^) I know the idea of holo!Bee isn't new, but I couldn't resist doing a little sketch of what I think Bee would look like disguised as a human, or as a hologram thereof. Here's A Boy Called Bee-- I did try my hand at his robot form, but I'm afraid it sucks mightily. *sigh* I erased my handwritten comments and typed them in, since my handwriting is attrocious.

Second, Amber recently rewatched The 4400 (thus subliminally prompting me to do the same ^_~), and reminded me of our Julian-verse. It's been a while since I've drawn them, but I did little concept sketches of Marco, Garrity, and Julian in hopes of maybe doing a short comic. I had a great time doing it! I hope you like, Amber-dear!

*bounces* Torchwood tomorrow!
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